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I’m really behind on my library of critically acclaimed movies, so when I found out the theatre down the street plays one critically acclaimed, highly regarded movie every 4-5 days I was ecstatic. I’m going to be able to keep up with the latest movies and catch up on all the others I’ve missed in the past at home on Netflix, disney+, Crave, Amazon Prime, DVD’s etc.

The first movie I was able to catch was Jojo Rabbit just a few days ago. The timing in which this theatre releases the movies is generally a few months after the true theatrical debut (so I guess you could argue I’m still quite behind.) But it’s the easiest way for me to view these movies living in a smaller city.

Before I saw Jojo Rabbit I went in with only a bit of knowledge on the plot and its characters but a WHOLE LOT of positive reviews from my peers (as I just graduated Film school.) So I did my best to just go in with a blank slate and an open mind to whatever comes my way.

As the movie opened I was drawn in right away. Taika Waititi takes something historically horrific and puts a seemingly positive feeling behind it that stems from the lead boy Jojo and then he tops it with sustainable humour.

Taika Waititi as Hitler is incredible. He is kind and supportive to Jojo but also slips many Hitler-esque comments in every scene he is in.

There are moments of satire and built in sarcasm when speaking of the war that add humour and don’t remove you from the film but instead draw you in deeper.

The audience falls for Jojo as a courageous little nazi that is the outcast of the nazi boys camp.

When the accident happens and Jojo is left at home or working at that Nazi office we are meant to feel bad for him and personally I did.

We meet Jojo’s mother played by none other than Scarlett Johanson. In all honesty when she first came into the story it was the singular moment that pulled me out of the movie for a few split seconds. Her accent in her first scene felt fake and forced so I was concerned. But as the movie rolled on I never felt it again.

There is a moment between Jojo and his mother when he says he wants his dad. Johanson grabs ash from the fireplace and swipes it across her face and acts as Jojo’s father and then without hesitation is Jojo’s mother and father almost simultaneously. It was true craftsmanship and a really heartfelt moment as they danced together and Johansson’s character explained that his mother was doing her best.

When Jojo discovers there is a “Jew” (Elsa) living under his roof he is scared and wants to kill “it” but throughout the film becomes interested in where they sleep and what they eat and eventually the wall that separates them disappears and Elsa becomes human.

While this is going on we discover Jojo’s Mom is a form of rebel against the Nazi Government. And in turn she ends up hung in the streets. Jojo sees her shoes dangling on his way home and we get a heartbreaking moment of realism.

Throughout the end of the movie Jojo experiences the last parts of the war and becomes closer with Elsa.

There are scenes with Children such as Jojo and his best friend Yorki in the middle of gun shots and bombs going off. The juxtaposition of these two things (war & children) caused a sad feeling to sweep into my stomach. I felt conflicted because there were moments of humour that revolved around these two things.

Jojo gets caught out on the street wearing a nazi jacket during the takeover of Germany nearing the end of the war. When Captain Klenzendorf and him have an exchange about his mother being an actual good person and taking care of his “sister”. Klenzendorf rips off Jojo’s jacket and calls him a jew. The american army men grab Klenzendorf and remove Jojo as he cries. Gunshots are heard as Jojo runs home.

This moment was so powerful to me as Kelnzendorf a clearly suppressed man was willing to quietly help Jojo and the Jewish Girl his mother had been housing by giving his life in that scene.

In the finals moments of the movie we see the streets are much safer and Elsa and Jojo dance the movie out. What a fun way to end a rollercoaster (in a great way) of a movie.

In closing I was encapsulated in almost every minute of this movie. I was so impressed with Waititi’s ability to craft something that tackles such a historically devastating thing in a way that causes laughter, sadness and more laughter without being offensive in the slightest. It truly takes a great deal of effort and knowledge to put together something like Jojo Rabbit.

Final Mold Score: 98

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Stevie (Sunburn) is a quiet  young boy who is starving for recognition. He seeks love within his home and when that fails he takes up skateboarding. He soon becomes part of a family bound by boards but that doesn’t come without it’s ups and downs.

I was not ready for what Mid90’s had in store.

Having ZERO knowledge on this movie aside from Jonah Hill directed it and I could watch it on Netflix, I had heard great things from my peers and looked forward to watching it. Then my stupid ass put it off for like almost 2 years.

I was thinking it would be a nostalgic story that had fun references and a solid story about a kid growing up in the 90’s.

Wow, this movie hit hard. It had such a good flow and there were very few moments that I was not 100% in it.

At face value it’s a cool movie about a little kid who wants to be cool and things kinda get out of control.

But all of the small stories and emotions we experience as the viewer are what make this movie so great.

There is a character in there for everyone to relate to. Along with SOOO much character building throughout such a short movie.

Jonah Hill utilizes every moment and kills it (in the best way possible).

The relationships between Stevie and his Brother, him and his mom and each member of the skate group are so unique in there own way that every time we see “Sunburn” with a different person we are interested to hear what is said and see how each character reacts.

From the first board with a goofy dinosaur on it to the OJ in the hospital with his brother this story hits every beat.

I’d also like to note that the character growth that happens in this movie is impeccable. Sunburn turns from a quiet little boy to a straight up cool dude. Although some of his outward mannerisms seem rude and disrespectful, I don’t believe they are meant to be. Stevie just wants to be heard, mostly by his mother and brother, he’s grown and he can make his own choices. He doesn’t have to get his ass kicked by his brother, and he can stay out a bit later if her wants.

Stevie sees a group of cool skaters turn into a group of dudes he learns so much about, as well as learning that they are all so much more than just skateboarders. They all have wants (Reuben) and dreams (4th Grade) and flaws (Shitfuck).

The original score was so 90’s it rocked my world, loved it. The editing and the style of the film was done in such a way that it looked like a 90’s-00’s movie just updated a tad and the wardrobes were on point.

Overall I really enjoyed watching this movie because it was fun, funny, relatable, sad, and cool. Hats off to Jonah Hill man quite a movie.

Final Mold Score: 91/100

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Thank you for joining me here as I delve into my first in depth review!

For my first review I chose Brain on Fire starring Chloe Grace Moretz.

Within my review I will discuss acting, film techniques, story structure as well as many other things. I may sprinkle in a bit of my personal taste. So I’m letting all of you know that there will be a tad bit of my own bias, but I wont let it over run my reviews.

Now to the review!

Brain on Fire featuring Chloe Grace Moretz is a Drama film based on the story of Susannah Cahalan an up-and-coming reporter at the New York Post who is plagued with voices in her head and seizures that are driving her into insanity. She visits doctors and everything seems to be normal but something is off, will someone intervene and help her?

At first I was intrigued, I loved the effects and camera tricks that were used to show Susannah’s sickness coming on. It made me feel like I was ill, sick to my stomach, but in a good way.

But then her insanity kicked in… and I wasn’t buying it. She’s yelling at a tap and it felt like someone asked her to yell at it. She’s jumping around the office yelling at her friend, then saying how happy she is. Which could have happened but the manner in which it was presented was on par with a local highschool play, or a childhood home video movie.

The spurts of madness from saying the pills she had been taking for 24 hours were the reason she’s the way she is to yelling at her stepmom for calling her names that the stepmom never said, none of it seems believable. The acts seem believable but the acting doesn’t.

The one redeeming quality that Chloe Grace Moretz possesses in this sequence of madness is the look in her eyes. Some moments show a glimpse of insanity and absence of self.

Moving away from CGM, the only actors that performances were somewhat palatable were Jenny Slate (Margo), Thomas Mann (Stephen), and Carrie-Anne Moss (Rhona). These three actors, respectively played their roles well enough that they didn’t put out the fire but couldn’t add enough heat to keep the fire burning.

Jenny Slate plays the role of the friend quite well although I would have loved for her to show a little more concern for Susannah’s wellbeing during the early to mid stages of her descent. She’s friendly and funny in a somewhat sarcastic love you, hate you kind of way.

Thomas Mann plays a caring enough new boyfriend that shows he’s still very much immature but will stick around through the tough stuff. He’s kind of endearing and annoying.

Between her two parents Carrie-Anne Moss’ Rhona is the least irrational. Richard Armitage (Tom Cahalan) however is over exaggerated and just flat out unbelievable and annoying. He is so theatrical that it almost seems like he’s trying to mirror someone who cares but can’t build up the want to care on his own.

By the end of the movie it feels like a sensationalizing of seizures and a parody of people actually dealing with mental health and psychological hardships.

This movie being based on a true story is upsetting as it feels disrespectful and distasteful.

In closing I feel as though this moving could have been done a lot better but it goes deeper than what is on the surface. The whole story of the movie gets lost in the rush of the film’s short run time and the casting felt like they had a week till filming to find their actors.

Nobody seems into it and the film falls flat. It was hard to stay completely focused on the movie because of the lackluster acting and the subpar dialogue.

Final Mold Score: 18/100

Personal Bloggy Blog


Just over a month ago my dad asked me if I wanted to go to Vegas with him. Of course I said yes!

I thought it would be a fun thing to blog about! So I’m going to take pictures and Chronicle our trip from December 13th to December 17th! Hope you enjoy!

Making our way to Oshawa

On the 12th of December I worked until 10pm. My dad picked me up and we drove straight to Oshawa! It’s about an hour and fifteen minutes.

We stayed up in a hotel for the night. Barely got any sleep but it was a much needed step as our flight was in Toronto at 9:30 the next morning!

Pearson International Airport

We rose from our slumber at 5:15am and got ready to go. We drove about 50 minutes to the Park N Fly. Essentially it’s a parking lot that you leave your car at for the duration of your trip and the company has shuttles that drive you to and from the airport. We arrived around 6:50am at the airport.

We got off and started our stuff. There are SO many steps to get through to the plane. I don’t fly often so I always forget how thorough the process is!

At about 7:55am we cleared and were at the in airport shopping mall! There are actually stores… it’s kind of ridiculous… consumerism is all around us.

We stopped at Tim Hortons for a bite to eat and then waited to board. At 9:20 ish we boarded the plane.

At 10:10am we were up in the air! After about an hour we got some snacks and were chillin’!

Dad and I Flying over Greenbay?

Landing in Vegas

After landing we took a shuttle to the hotel and got to see the strip in the daylight! Still awesome! So cool seeing desserts when you live in a snow wasteland.

On our way to the hotel!

We eventually arrived at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, wow was it ever gorgeous. Just look at these pillars!

Lobby of the Cosmopolitan

We then went up to the room which was just as nice. The view was unbelievable!

View from the Cosmopolitan

After getting ready we found this awesome place in the hotel that had sweet burgers and awesome milkshakes!

S’mores Milkshake!

After eating we went to the grocery store and decided to go walk to see some christmas lights! Check out some of the pics!

Dad & I with a Christmas Tree
The Linq Promenade
The Linq Promenade

We walked around the strip for a bit looking at shops and stuff.

And after walking back to the hotel we enjoyed the night view!

Day 2: UFC 245


We woke up got ready and decided to go to The Henry for breakfast. As you may be able to see in the image above, the food was very, very good.

Dogman, rabbitwoman riding a donkey.

After eating we had about 5 hours to kill before going to the UFC event so we walked through a bunch of hotels/casinos and checked out the architecture and some shoppes.

Inside the Luxor.

After walking around for a bit we stopped at the MnM’s store and went back to the hotel before the fights.

When we arrived we went straight to the UFC pop up shop and each got a shirt! We found our seats and enjoyed the 8 hours of octagon action.

A lot of the fights were very entertaining. There were two very good title defenses and a strong showing by Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski to strip Max “Blessed” Holloway of the Featherweight title.

I was also VERY happy that Kamaru Usman TKO’d Colby Covington. Covington is a symbol of what is wrong with the US Nation. He is a symbol of hate and has been sensationalized as some sort of hero.

I’m chalking this up as a win for all people, whether or not you enjoy MMA, this was a win for the good guys.

Here is our view of the octagon:

That’s my dads head.

After the fights we made our way back to the hotel flipped on Sportcentre and then went to bed.

T-Mobile Part 2

We woke up this morning and went to Le Village Buffet at the Paris hotel. The food was pretty good and filled us up!

Afterwards we went for a saunter through the Bellagio.

Chandelier at Bellagio
Coca-Cola Bear flower bed
Chocolate Fountain

After looking at some of the Bellagio’s features we walked back to the hotel to drop some stuff off.

We left shortly after and grabbed some gelato before heading to T-Mobile Arena.

Raspberry Truffle Gelato

After eating our gelato we walked over to T-Mobile Arena and got ready to watch the Golden Knights take on the Vancouver Canucks!

It was an enjoyable game from start to finish. The Knights won and two of my fantasy team players scored!

Outside T-Mobile Arena after the Knights Win

After the game we walked around to find a place to eat.

Fountains on Las Vegas Blvd.

We went to a restaurant called Dick’s Last Resort. It was amusing and rude. It was a fun experience being treated poorly while receiving good customer service. If you’re 21 or older and travel to Vegas, I highly suggest taking yourself to Dick’s.

A Grand Adventure

My dad and I woke up and started our wak to the Treasure Island Hotel.

Strip at 7am

We went to pick up a rental car!

Here are some pictures from the drive!

Once we arrived at our destination we got onto a shuttle bus and headed to our first stop.

AND this is when I told my dad I was mad at myself for not bringing my DSLR Camera. I could have gotten some really nice shots. In my defense I had no idea we’d be going here. But still…

Enjoy my cell phone photography!

These are just a few shots I took! I’m hoping to edit some and throw an album up here on the website in the coming weeks.

After we soaked in the glory of the Grand Canyon we drove back to Vegas.

We dropped off the car and walked back to the hotel.

Donuts from a restaurant in the Cosmopolitan.

The Day We Left Vegas

We went for breakfast at The Wicked Spoon before heading to the airport for our flight back to Toronto.

This is the 3rd time I have visited Las Vegas.

The first time I was 16, I went with my dad, it was a christmas gift to me and I didn’t have a clue about what this crazy world was all about. It was fun but I think because of my age I couldn’t fully appreciate exactly what was happening.

The second time was for my 21st birthday. I went with my step mom, my dad and one of my really great friends Max. It was an awesome time because I was able to have a great time with both family and one of my really great friends.

This time I’m 23, so much more mature than the past 2 times I visited and I feel as though I was able to digest everything much easier, process and accept what was going on and appreciate it.

I am definitely grateful for the things I have been able to do and see. I 100% understand my privilege and I do my best not the take it for granted.

I hope you enjoyed reading and viewing!

Personal Bloggy Blog

Mixed Motivations

I want to be 100% clear that I am speaking from my own opinions and experiences. I have not pulled or cited facts to back up my opinions . I understand I may have different ideas than others that is why I am not speaking for or on behalf of anyone other than myself. Enjoy.

When something big happens in life the event often causes strong emotional reactions, whether in the best way or the worst way. With these emotions follows your motivation, or lack-there-of. I have had many big things happen in my life to this point that I have been exploring. Here is a list with their coinciding emotions.

  • My birthday – Happy
  • My parents divorce – Sad/Mad
  • My Great Grandma’s death – Sad/Confused
  • My Dad & Stepmom’s Wedding – Happy
  • My Grandpa’s death – Really Sad/Mad
  • My High School Graduation – Happy/Sad
  • Getting rejected from my college program of choice – Sad/Mad/Stupid
  • Getting an alternate offer to my college of choice – Happy/Confused
  • Graduating my first college program – Happy
  • Getting accepted to my initial program of choice – Very Happy
  • Meeting Jordan – Happy
  • Learning my stepmom was diagnosed with breast cancer – Really Sad/Mad
  • Landing an awesome internship – Happy
  • Finding out the internship wouldn’t turn into a job – Sad/Frustrated
  • Watching my stepmom kick cancer’s butt ass – Happy/Inspired
  • Celebrating anniversaries with Jordan – Really Happy
  • Graduating my second college program – Happy/Confused
  • Moving back to Belleville – Relieved/Uneasy
  • Moving into our own apartment in Belleville – Happy/Confused

This is solely a list of things that I could come up with while writing. These are some of the most important things to happen to me throughout my life.

As you can see, the emotions are all over the place, but with these emotions comes even more mixed motivations. Here is a table of the same moments, and emotions with motivation levels attached.

MomentEmotionMotivation (Up/Down
My BirthdaysHappyUp
My Parents DivorceSad/MadDown
My Great Grandma’s DeathSad/ConfusedDown
My Dad & Stepmom’s WeddingHappy Up
My Grandpa’s DeathReally Sad/MadUp
My High School GraduationHappy/SadUp
Getting rejected from my college program of choiceSad/Mad/StupidDown
Getting an alternate offer to my college of choiceHappy/ConfusedUp
Graduating my first college programHappyUp
Getting accepted to my initial program of choiceVery HappyUp
Meeting JordanHappyUp
Learning my stepmom was diagnosed with breast cancerReally Sad/MadDown
Landing an awesome internshipHappy Up
Learning my internship wouldn’t last past April 2019Sad/FrustratedDown
Watching my stepmom kick cancer’s assHappy/InspiredUp
Graduating my second college programHappy/ConfusedDown
Celebrating anniversaries with JordanReally HappyUp
Moving back to BellevilleRelieved/UneasyDown
Moving into our own apartment in BellevilleHappy/ConfusedDown

To go along with my mixed emotions I have added a lot of mixed motivations. I find that a lot of things that affect us negatively can also cause a surge of positive energy, especially in creative people like me. On the other hand things that are supposed to be achievements to be celebrated can cause me to go through a spiral when thinking about “What’s Next?” I did it after graduating the second time and I’m doing it now.

I never did think I was one for plans but I hate being late and I love to have a schedule. I thought I could go with the flow but really the flow’s been gone for awhile now. I have true anxiety about not succeeding well enough to support myself let alone if I decide to have any kids or own a house in the future.

I have been afraid of failure my whole life and more specifically not being good enough.

An Afterword

I wrote this on a day of high stress and anxiety. That being said I do believe motivations can be caused by emotional reactions to important life events.

However, I’m not afraid that I will fail. Because I know that if I try my hardest I will succeed to the best of my abilities.

Now I leave you here with a quote from my man Frank D.

The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Regardless of the context in which he was referring to fear, I think it is a fair assessment. Fear makes you scared, so don’t let it.

Personal Bloggy Blog

The Struggle is REAL.

So packing boxes seems like a super easy thing to do, but it is so much deeper than throwing your belongings into a cardboard cube.

Everything I take off a shelf or out of the closet has a different memory, meaning, or feeling attached to it.

Jordan and I have been living in a pretty fair sized arrangement for the past 5 or 6 months and now we are moving to a space that is a bit smaller. So, we decided (almost reluctantly) that it was time to start going through and downsizing where appropriate.

So I pick up my plaid “country” button up shirt and thought to myself, “When was the last time I wore this shirt?” while simultaneously thinking “Remember all the good times that were had in this shirt? Plus it was like a $100 shirt and I… mom only paid like $25, what a steal!”

The voices battle over whether to keep the shirt or not, and throughout the years my heart has always kept that shirt no matter how much I wear it, if I even wear it at all. But this time it was different. I still had the same thoughts but my hands directed my shirt to a pile, a pile that would eventually make it’s way to a new home. Whether that home is to a younger family member, or friend, or even the Salvation Army so someone can love the shirt like I did. Nevertheless it was gone.

I don’t feel sad that I have let go of my shirt, because it has helped me come to grips with the fact that you can’t keep everything forever. You can’t stay the same forever, we all grow and change and that is not a bad thing. I am reaching a point in my life where I don’t need that “country” shirt just incase we go to The Rockin’ Horse Saloon. I am at a point in my life where my passions and the people that I surround myself with, near and far have become more important than anything else.

I enjoy being around friends and family and sure I would still enjoy going to the odd country bar but I’ve reached a new stage in my life where I want to move forward and progress into the person I want to be for the rest of my life. Maybe that sounds kinda deep and maybe a bit annoying but I am truly happy underneath all of the anxiety and spurts of depression I have faced and continue to conquer. I wouldn’t change the path I am on because I know that I will eventually end up exactly where I was meant to be as long as I put my best foot forward to ensure I get there.

Bringing this back to the money aspect of my blog. I want all of my new and consistent readers to know that just because I started a blog about money that does not mean I regard money as the almighty dollar. I actually don’t care all that much for the idea of money being a blockade to people achieving their goals.

I just understand the importance of money in our society and how it is mandatory in advancing your life, career, and much more. This is why I started The Money Diet, I don’t want money to control me, I want to control how I spend my money and how I live my life.

This is why I practice not stressing about money. What I do is: I write down everything that is stressing me out and it’s dollar value, then write down how much money I’m guaranteed to make and then sometimes even add a column of potential extra incomes. If that guaranteed value is higher than the stress value I scrap that paper and don’t worry about it. If you have enough to live and you know in your heart that you are trying and you want to move forward, you will be okay and you will move forward.

I leave you here with a picture of someone else’s plaid “country” shirt.

the money diet

Week 16 Update

Hello my friends, family and loyal readers. I apologize, first for the late post and I apologize second for the lack of post.

This week was one of the busiest most stressful weeks I have had in awhile. I have been mentally exhausted trying to lockdown an apartment for Jordan and I, I have been working, and I’ve been thinking about the future.

I needed to give myself the week off from journaling my everyday so that I could catch up on everything we’ve got going on. I did not want to present some mashed together after thought of a blog post even if I only have 25-75 readers weekly. I want to present a well thought out and well written post week after week.

I have been worrying more than I should and I thank Jordan for keeping me positive. I think that once the next week is over I will finally feel some relief as I will have less to worry about.

Now I want everyone to know that this is only a temporary break. But, for future posts I will be trying to navigate to a more reflective blog than stay solely numbers and rundowns.

That being said this week I spent $215.20 on an array of items, some gifts, some personal things and lots of food I’m sure.

But I have also been productive in bringing in some extra money, I’ve been selling things that I deem quality items and still very usable or collectible but I just don’t need or want it myself. So it’s not huge income but it helps and allows me to downsize before moving into our new apartment.

I really want to thank everybody who reads my blog, comments online or in person, my loyal readers from work, my family and anyone else who enjoys (hopefully) reading my updates. You are the best!

I would really like to thank my grandma for allowing us to stay here in the mean time while we got back on our feet and were able to find an apartment. We are so grateful and really excited to move forward!

Lastly I want to thank Jordan for being such an amazing partner. She moved with me to MY hometown 2 hours away from Toronto where she has lived the past 4 years and about 6 hours away from her family. I know that wasn’t an easy thing to do. I really appreciate that you trust me and are willing to take risks with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner!

Thanks for reading! I promise I will come through next week with something a little more hearty!

the money diet

Week 15

Alright so I wasn’t and haven’t been able to get to the credit union to withdraw money BUT finally I was able to.

I think this will aid me in staying under budget.


I woke up monday and headed to work for 730am, I worked until 330.

I had to buy a bottle of water because I left my water bottle in my sisters car, that cost $2.10.

I had to buy lunch because I didn’t give myself enough time to make myself a lunch. That cost me $7.50.

Finally I walked to the credit union to withdraw money and realized as I got there that they were closed for Remembrance Day. I walked back and stopped at the Dollar Tree to look for stocking stuffers but only ended up buying cookie mix which cost $2.50.

When I got home I wasn’t feeling too well so we watched some tv, Jordan made dinner and we went to bed.

Jordan also gave me $35 for half of the cats food which was really nice!


I woke up around 7:45am and made a list that was to be completed in no particular order on Tuesday and Wednesday:

  • Do Groceries
  • Return gift
  • Play some Guitar with my friend from work
  • Make bed
  • Put dishes away
  • Tidy Dining room
  • Wipe Windows
  • Make/eat breakfast
  • Write out dinner board
  • Hangout with Zack
  • Start new blog post
  • Go to Credit Union to withdraw money
  • Take pics of Reciepts
  • Do some laundry
  • Clean cats litter

I successfully made the bed, wiped the windows, had breakfast, and cleaned the litter before heading to the grocery store.

I bought groceries which cost me $37.50. I went to the mall and returned the gift which gave me $15.80 back.

After that I grabbed a quick bite to eat at A&W which cost $11.85.

I hopped on the bus home and put the groceries away.

My friend from work picked me up and we hung out and jammed on the guitars for about 2.5 hours.

When I got home Jordan and I decided on dinner and turned on some Lucifer.

I signed up for Disney+ and I’m so glad I did. Jord and I spent the rest of the night watching Suit Life of Zack and Cody.


Wednesday I woke up and got ready to meet a friend at the mall. We met at Starbucks and sat waiting for the mall to open.

When the mall opened up we stopped by as many stores as we could in the span of about 3 hours. I got some awesome deals on gifts. The total cost of the mall trip was only $34.65.

After a good morning at the mall Zack and I went our separate ways. I headed over to Freeman’s Wine making shop and started some wine for Jordan and I, it cost $134.99 divided by 2.

After I walked to a different store and where I bought a gift for $10.95

I then went back to the mall to wait around for the bus.

As soon as I got home my mom had returned my call about a SWEET deal on a gift for someone so she picked me up to make sure that she wasn’t going to buy the same ones.

After that she dropped me off downtown. I walked around for a bit and then caught a bus home from the station.

After getting home I then went back out to Shoppers where I was able to do a 20x the points event and get some gifts for Christmas. I spent $105.50.

I came home and chilled for the remainder of the night.


I worked at 11am so I was able to do a few chores before work.

It was a pretty standard day, I spent money on food and coffees, total was $10.80.

After work I came home and did a bit of laundry before heading to bed.


Friday I worked a later shift so I was able to get a lot done during the day. I tidied up and played some guitar, which I am really improving on! Hopefully I’ll be able to post and share my improvements soon!

I went to work for 5pm and did my supervisor training. It was a good night, I did virtually everything without too much help.

After work my coworker Erin drove me over to the house to get changed and pickup Jordan. We went out with some people from work for some apps and drinks!

It was a great night, a little too great for some ahaha! but all in all I think everyone had a good time! I hope we get to do it again!

Nancy was nice enough to drive Jord and I home and then I threw on some Smart Guy and went to bed.


Soooooo… I had a couple drinks last night. I had to work a 9-5 today and safe to say it was a little rough. BUT nothing a good coffee can’t fix!

I spent $15.30 on food and coffee to get myself though the day. I was alright but I was definitely excited to get home.

When I got home I just chilled out for awhile before going to sleep.


I woke up to work at 7am. I worked until 12pm and headed home to meet Jordan. We got ready and walked towards downtown where we caught a bus to The Dugout.

The store I work at was having the Christmas party there. The food was absolutely delicious and the party was a pretty good time!

After the party Jordan and I walked towards downtown to watch the Santa Claus Parade.

The Parade was alright. There were lots of floats, I was impressed for a smaller city.

After the parade ended we walked home and went to bed.


I apologize greatly for the thin post this week. I had a nice post all typed up, I had thought I saved the draft and when I went to post it on Monday, everything after Tuesday had disappeared. Hope you still enjoyed the read. Thank you for continuing to come back weekly!

the money diet

Week 14

Wow week 14 already. It’s been a ride and week 13 really hit me hard as I was buying Christmas gifts and I treated myself to little something.

I’m trying my best to keep my spirits up in the midst of the seasons transitioning (were going into winter) or I could say “winter is coming” (referencing a show in which I’ve fallen asleep halfway through the first episode 3 times and never been able to successfully start).

I’m trying to get myself into new routines like taking vitamins and going to sleep on time and doing things that make me happy.

I’ve found the early results are pretty good so I’m going to keep up and maybe I can get through the winter season without suffering from mad seasonal depression like the past 5-8 years.

Now to the blog!


Monday started off well. I worked at 7:30am to 3:30pm, spent $5 on some coffee. While I was at work I ripped my pants.

So I had to rollllllll on over to the mall and buy new pants.

While I was there I was taking pics of things I may want for Christmas (yes I do love getting gifts, but I love giving them more).

I ended up spending $134.60 at the mall. YIKES!

I came home and had dinner with Jordan. We hung out for a bit, Jordan went to bed and I played 2k for a bit.


I woke up in the morning and attempted to do things but kinda just chilled.

I worked from 10am – 5pm. It was a meh kinda day.

I ended up going the whole day without spending money.

I went to my moms for bit to hangout and chat about this weekends plans.

My mom dropped me off and I hung out with Jord, we had latte and watched some Lucifer before going to bed.


I woke up and chilled for a bit, made myself a lunch, played some 2k.

I didn’t have to be at work until 11:30. So I got ready to go and was on my way.

I got halfway there and realized I forgot my lunch. So I had to spend $6.95 on lunch.

When I got off work at 6:30 Jordan met up with me and we bought some groceries and a few Christmas gifts, it cost $52.30.

We packed our bags and ventured home.

We put all the groceries away and turned on some Lucifer. We mucked half a bag on Jalepeno Cheddar popcorn.

Jord had to work early in the morning so she went to bed. I stayed up and played 2k for about and hour and a half and then called it a night.


Ah Thursday, I don’t work until 2pm today. I have a couple things on my list and I need to get them done.

I have to:

  • Bake cupcakes for Jordan
  • Go return a Christmas gift.
  • Practice Guitar
  • Workout
  • Shower and get ready for work

I’m up and at it at 9am. That gives me like about 4 hours to get all of this done. Worst comes to worst I can always return the gift on the weekend.

PS she snowing good out there today!

I successfully finished everything except returning the Christmas gift! Not bad!

I went to work for 2pm and worked until 10pm. It was a good shift. I was training for supervising on the night shift and I did most of it on my own. I felt pretty good about it.

When I arrived home I realized I took home the keys for the office and would have to wake up early to return them.

I talked with Jordan for awhile and then we went to bed.


I woke up at 7am and had to quickly get ready to take the keys into work!

I had a nice walk, it was crisp and cool out and woke me up quite well.

I dropped the keys off much to the relief of my coworker who was opening the store.

I came home had some breakfast and got ready for work.

I left around 8:45am and when I got to work I realized I had forgotten my coffee on the counter.

Luckily when my buddy Zack showed up he gave me a Tim’s Double Double! It powered me through the next few hours of my shift!

I purchased chocolate and some snacks on my breaks it cost $9.45.

I clocked out and hopped in my moms car. We went to pick up Jordan to drop her off at her bus.

We drove her and when we got there the bus was FULL and the next bus would come in like 20 minutes. So Jord told us to leave because she didn’t want us to wait. She called me and said the bus was going to be like an hour late. So I told her I would grab her headphones (which she had forgotten at home) and bring them to her.

I hopped in the car, got home, grabbed her headphones and zoomed to her.

Jord got in the car to warm up and we sat until her bus showed up.

I said goodbye and drove to my moms.

My mom ordered pizza for us for dinner. I chilled for a bit and watched the latest episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK.

After the show finished we talked with my sister Nicole who had shown up and then my mom dropped myself and Adrian off at my grandma’s.

Adrian and I played a game of NBA 2k20 and then played some overcooked.

We threw on the new Green Eggs and Ham Netflix Original and chilled until bed time.


Woke up this morning and had some breakfast with Adrian and then played some more overcooked.

We then moved on to Beyblades and after a thrilling tournament that ended in a double disqualification final (due to Adrian’s favourite Bey losing) we both got cleaned up and went on an adventure.

We walked over to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy bus tickets, I spent $44.80.

We talked to a few of my coworkers and then walked to the bus stop.

We rode the bus to the mall and hopped off. We made our way to every store that had toys and looked around.

My mom got off work as we were arriving at the mall so we met her at Toys R Us.

I spent $7.90 on a pack of Fortnite Mighty Beanz for Adrian.

We looked around a few more stores then we made our way to Popeyes Chicken and mom treated us to lunch.

Mom drove me back home and she picked up Adrian’s stuff. Shortly after my sister Nicole texted me asking if I was doing anything.

She picked me up and we headed to the mall, we made a quick stop at the pet store which cost me $71.20. We grabbed a Starbucks and walked around for awhile. I bought some gifts while I was there. The total cost was $56.30.

We drove to my moms and hung out for awhile. Nicole left and then not long after I went home with my moms car.

I got ready and went to bed! I was SO TIRED AND OVERSTUFFED WITH FOOD!


Woke up and got ready for work. I drove to Tim’s to grab a coffee for my manager Roxy and I. Cost me $10.25.

After I ate my breakfast sandwich I went to work. It was a fairly simple day at work just making sure all the bad food was out and all the new food was in.

I hopped in my moms car and raced home to get changed. I grabbed my stuff and went to pick up my mom and Adrian.

Shortly we were on our way to Kingston to visit my sister Jess. When we got there we went to this restaurant called Coco Frutti. It is delicious but man it is filling.

After lunch we dropped Jess off and we went to Costco. We navigated our way through the sea of humans and exited the store unharmed with our purchases in hand. Total spent was $70.70.

We left Kingston and went to pick Jordan up from the bus stop since she had just gotten back into town from her weekend away.

My mom drove us home and we tidied up around the house, chilled for a bit, had a grilled cheese and then went to bed.


This week did not go as planned. I had a few things come up and they boosted my spending, my cats destroyed my phone charger so I had to get a new one and that cost $70 and the cats ran out of food at the end of this week so that cost $70. I did also use my debit card all week.

So I have vowed to go to the credit union on Tuesday and pull out cash and get back on track.

Here is a look at my spending:

the money diet

Week 13 – Holiday Adjustments

Hello everyone who’s stuck around and anyone who has joined along the way. I want to thank all of you for reading and helping me keep up my good habits!

I have been able to accumulate a great amount if savings since implementing my $140 cash budget and I’m super happy with the results so far.

I’ve decided to share my progress with you every 3 months. So… drumroll please!!!!!!!!




To date over the last 12 weeks I have saved $4000!

This is super exciting for me because I’m nearing a total that I’ve never had in my account that consists only of money I earned and not loans!

We’ve got around 8 weeks left in this year and I’m hoping I can at least do another $2000.

Keep an eye open for the new years update! Alright now for week 13!


Today I worked a fairly easy going 7:30-3:30 shift. Did some supervisor training and worked some food.

I spent $10 on salads and my lunch. And then I spent $10.25 on epsom salts.

I got home and I talked with my aunt, my grandma and Jordan for a bit.

I went downstairs and got ready for the gym. I worked out for an hour or so.

Came home and talked with my grandma and Jordan for a while and then I went downstairs.

I took a nice bath while watching supergirl and then went to bed!


Woke up shortly after Jordan went to work.

I picked up my guitar and watched a youtube video. I learned how to play the E Minor chord and the A Suspended 2.

I’ve decided to use one of my notebooks to write down all of the chords I’ve learned with diagrams and legends so that I can look back at it and play chords without searching up old youtube videos.

I made some breakfast and got ready for work.

I worked 10am to 5pm which is only a 7 hour shift but for some reason if felt fast and really slow at the same time. I wasn’t feeling great near the end so maybe that had something to do with it… I’m not sure. When I left work I decided to make a pretty big purchase since I haven’t really treated myself to anything substantial lately. Now I didn’t make the purchase blindly, it was a special points day; Spend $75 and get 25,000 points (Equivalent to $25 in-store dollars) so I ended up spending $93.40, I got pumpkin spice cheerios and NBA 2k20 for the PS4. I have bought the game every year since just before going to college and I do enjoy it a lot so I figured this year would be a test to see how much use I get out of it and if it wasn’t a good purchase I will not get it next year.

When I got home we got ready because my grandpa was going to pick us up shortly. We went over to my grandparents house for dinner. My grandma made a goulash with a caesar salad, it was delicious!

We had a really great time catching up and talking about all things new. I really love getting a chance to talk to all of my grandparents because of the generation gap the conversation and the humour is much different than everyday conversations with people my age. I really appreciate the time I get to spend with them.

My grandma sent us home with the leftovers and my grandpa drove us back!

When we got home I popped in my new game and allowed it to update as I nodded off on the couch. It should be good for me to play tomorrow!

Around 12:30 I went to bed.

Edit: I’m adding this to shame myself, I made two Paypal purchases equalling $6.49 which totals to $12.98.


I woke up and hopped in the shower, grabbed my laptop, my guitar and attempted to learn a little more before I work today at 10am.

Work was, well, work. Today was quite a day. Everyone was having an off day.

I left work and bought a Starbucks pumpkin spice latter thing and some Reese’s trick or treat candy. I spent $13.05.

When I got home Jord was making cupcakes for work the next day.

At about 5:40 my sister Nicole picked me up and we went out for a Pokemon go raid hour.

We hung out for about an hour, Nicole drove me to the dollar store where I bought icing sugar and litter deodorizer. I spent $10.80.

When I got home I started doing some laundry.

I played NBA 2k20 while each load was going. I can now recall why I loved the past games so much. I’m going to be playing this a lot!

After the laundry finished I went to bed.

Edit: today I made a purchase of $1.29 on Paypal.


I woke up today and didnt work until 11!

I was able to chill, play my game a bit and practice some more.

Work was alright, pretty hectic considering it was a “super senior’s day” and Halloween.

Jordan, my mom, Adrian and I went out to this local haunted house, then went to the safety village so Adrian could collect some candy and then ended the night at the church where they have lots of fun stuff for the kids.

My mom dropped Jordan and I off. I chilled for a bit while Jordan worked on some stuff.

My sister Nicole stopped by for a bit and we chatted for awhile.

After Nicole left we got ready for bed.


I woke up and kissed Jordan goodbye. I ate a bowl of pumpkin spice cheerios and went to work.

Today was okay but also kind of a confusing day. On my lunch I spent $18.25 on halloween chocolate and chips… wow, whatta lunch. Aat 5pm I was on my way home.

I made us dinner and played some 2K20 as we waited for my mom to drop my brother off.

It was a pretty chill night. When my mom dropped my brother off we threw on Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge Out of Water and Adrian quickly fell asleep!


We all woke up and we started to make breakfast. We had Pancakes, eggs strawberries and cottage cheese!

After breakfast Adrian and I had a full on Beyblade Tournament! It was pretty epic! I’ll drop a slo-mo video below if you wanna watch!

My mom came to pick him up around 12:30.

She went upstairs to visit with my grandma for a bit. Jord and I had lunch and chatted for a bit.

I decided to go hangout with my mom and Adrian to give Jordan some time to finish something she’d been working on.

I went over and I played my guitar for a bit, I taught Adrian some wrestling moves, and we watched Total Drama Action.

My mom had me over for dinner and we had some delicious stuffed peppers.

She told me I could borrow the car for the night because she didn’t want to drive me home. I stopped by Wal-Mart and bought part of someones gift which cost me $72.25.

I got home and looked over Jordan’s work for her, we had a glass of wine and then went to bed a bit later.


Thank the lord for daylight savings! The clock fell back and I slept for a bit longer than I might have!

Woke up to my fat cat meowing at us to feed her. So eventually I got up and fed them.

I chilled for a bit playing 2k and then eventually Jord and I went out to run some errands.

We stopped at the mall and bought some gifts, the grand total was, $95.25.

Then we went to walmart and finally we went to my moms for dinner.

We ate some butter chicken and hung out for awhile and then headed home with Nicole and Stephen.

When we got home I wanted to wash my uniform so I threw in a load of laundry.

At around 12:45am I was able to go to bed.


Okay, so here’s the deal. It’s now November, I love Christmas and I love giving gifts. I am NOT going to be able to fit everyones gifts into my budget of $140 a week. SO what I’m going to do is, I’m going to give myself a $140 a week budget for me. Then I am going to give myslef a $100 – $200 flex budget for gift purchasing until I have all gifts purchased. I am close to being done but the last gifts are always the hardest. SO hopefully the extra budget won’t last much more than the next 3 weeks. Now the rule of the flex budget is that it may only be used to buy gifts for others FOR CHRISTMAS/BIRTHDAYS that are engulfed in the holidays.

Now that we’ve clarified lets take a look at my budget breakdown.

I also added my Paypal spending in here because I have this terrible problem with spending money on video games so I think I’m going to delete all of my phone games and take my Paypal and whatever other payment methods I have off of my phone and my game system.

Me doing videos.

So as a lot of you probably know, I’m a film graduate from Humber College and I am currently doing nothing in film (GREAT SUCCESS) However I really want to. I miss everything about it, the acting, the videography, the editing, the late nights, the long days and the comradery.

Now I won’t get all of those things BUT I have been highly debating restarting my Youtube channel with a fresh, less trend follow-y feel. If anyone would like that or even consider watching my videos PLEASE like this blogpost, Not the facebook link, the blogpost.

I may do it either way but I really wanted everyones opinion.