the money diet

The First Few Days

Monday August 5th – Friday August 9th

Okay, so I had decided to start my budget on Monday August 5th 2019.

Did not go as planned… AT ALL. It was my moms birthday! I spent $111 dollars on things for her “party.”

So we will skip August 5th and call it a Mulligan (Golf term, Kinda like a gimme)

August 6th was day 1 of my Budget! I didn’t really have to try too hard. I will though go over a few things I did to subside any urges I had to spend (Whether it be in store, on amazon or in-game purchases).

So personally I am BAD with in-game purchases and buying collectibles in store. Here are some things I did to avoid spending my money! OKAY:

  • Make a list of things to do around the house (Dishes, Laundry, Vacuum, etc.)
  • Make a list of things you want to do (Play Guitar, Read, Go for a walk).
  • Remove your credit card info from any online stores/apps.
  • Go to work.
  • Prepare meals at home so you don’t have to eat out.

Because of these things I did not spend on credit/debit cards or touch my money AT ALL!! (SUCCESS!)

As it began my weekly amount remains at $140 CASH!

Onto August 7th, It was a an easier day to start. Woke up at 6am and watched tv and did house chores for a few hours. I dropped my partner off at the station just after lunch and then came home. I’m hoping this lack of urge to spend mixed with will power to avoid spending will stick around.

It is 5:30pm as I write this and I have not spent a dime since August 5th. Stay tuned

Alright, UPDATE: I went and hung out with my mom and she lent me her car… uh oh. I love driving and when I get the chance I will drive to stores that sell things that I like (Duh).

I headed over to Walmart and man was I having mixed feelings, it was just constant pacing back and forth through the aisles of the store thinking, “I wanna buy something, but do I NEED to buy something?” Over and over again!

I finally decided to buy 2 products that totalled $17.90 with taxes. Okay I’m not going to lie to you… I bought Pokemon cards and protective sleeves for my brother (For me). I grabbed my receipt, my change and I scooted on out of there. When I got home I slipped my $2.10 and my receipt into my Entertainment jar and sat down to a little Rupaul’s Drag Race.

August 8th, I woke up and picked up my mother. We headed to the next city over so I could renew my health card. I was in and out in about a half hour.

I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around by the water until I was rained out. I hadn’t thought much about money up to this point. It wasn’t until I regained access to my mothers vehicle that the money signs started showing up. I went and walked around Best Buy for 20 minutes or so and left (I’m really testing my will power haha).

I left and came back home. Now I sit wondering what to do next. I’ve never expected that saving money would consist of this much sitting and thinking.

My new goal while on the money diet is to find cheap or free things to do for fun! Stay tuned.

So It’s August 9th and I haven’t found many things that are cheap or free. I did however go to visit my sister with my mom, my brother and my other sister. We went to COSTCO!!! I was super impressed with myself, I went there with $40 ($20 from my Grocery jar and $20 from my Misc. jar). I ended up buying:

  • 3 loaves of rye bread ($6.99)
  • 2 loaves of 3 grain bread ($6.99)
  • 6 pack of Almond milk ($11.99)
  • 3 pack of Greek Yogurt ($9.99).

The total was $35.95 so I was left with $4.05. I decided to put the money in my Misc. jar.

It is 4pm as I write this and I’m feeling fairly good about my first week. Having only 2 days left of week 1, I have only made 2 purchases and the total is only $53.85. This means I have $86.15 left for 2 days!

I am already calculating things I need to buy before the week is over and I think I’m going to come in under as long as I don’t go off on a spending tangent.

So one thing I have had a problem with is spending money on my breaks while I’m at work, because I work at a retail store. I will do the shameless shopping while I do my job and then when my breaks come I go and buy the things I noticed were on sale.

Somethings that I have noticed recently that have helped angle me away from these spending habits are:

  • Packing a lunch (Subsides the urge to buy food/drinks)
  • Bring a book (Distraction)
  • Go for a walk outside of the store (Removes you fully, only thing is you have to avoid other surrounding stores)

So last night I only worked a shorty from 5pm -10pm and spent the entirety of my 15 minute break eating and avoided any urge to spend my precious money!

I was picked up by my mother and my brother and I watched a little bit of Ultimate Beast Master on Netflix and then went to bed.

I have over half of my total week budget left for the final 2 days of week 1. I hope I can get through it without blowing it all!

Also I’m going to take a moment here to explain how I will be posting. Essentially starting now I will post normally twice a week. Once for the 5 days of the week (Posted Friday night or Saturday) and once for the 2 weekend days (Posted Sunday night or Monday).

Thank you for reading once again! Also let me know if there is anything you’d like to see or hear about in my posts!

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