the money diet

My First Weekend (PARTY!)

Uh-oh, it’s the weekend and I’m gonna blow all my money!

Okay so I lied just then. I live in a town that I haven’t lived in almost 5 years so my connections equal like 5 aside from family. The fun I have on Saturdays and Sundays is; getting home from my late shift at work and turning on a bad reality TV show that only aired 1-3 seasons before being thrown onto Netflix.

So now that we have gone over my exciting lifestyle lets talk about day one (of the weekend). Saturday August 10th 2019. I began the day as I would any other; not knowing what was ahead of me. I spent most of my day doing my list of chores and eating various things such as pancakes, spicy Italian sausages, and peanut butter toast. I left to go to work for 3:30 and only moments after I stepped out of the door the sky started pouring on me. I walked into work a sopping mess. Lucky for me it was the first time I didn’t wear my work clothes for my trek to work so they were nice and dry in my backpack.

I worked from 4pm-9pm and man was it stimulating and a darn good time (this is, a great exaggeration). Work was okay but I did end up using my EMERGENCY Credit Card to buy an EMERGENCY cold brew coffee and a pack of EMERGENCY 33% less fat Oreos, this purchase came to $5.65. Not gonna lie I sat there on my break and ate 9 Oreos, I have no shame.

When I left work I ended up grabbing a few things; pizza, dark chocolate, orange pekoe tea, and a pack of chicken breasts. BUT, the BIG BUT, I only spent $1.25. “How?” you may ask, well I used my loyalty points for this purchase. I don’t consider this to be cheating as points are money I am owed and it doesn’t affect my budget balance.

This is one thing I truly do recommend if you are trying to save money. Look into loyalty systems at your favourite stores and stores that sell necessity items like food and household supplies. It doesn’t matter what kind of budget you are doing if you can get rewarded for spending money than thats 100% better than receiving nothing back.

Okay back on track, with these purchases deducted from my total I am now sitting at $79.25 with 1 day remaining.

Ah Sunday, the last day of my first week. Here is how it went:

I woke up and made another list (Yes, shower is on my list):

As you can see I got a fair chunk of stuff done. Although I would have liked to have gotten more done, I was satisfied. I spent from about 9am-1:30pm completing these tasks.

I started work at 2pm and man it was rough. Just seemed like an off day for everyone. But hey it’s 10:30pm now, and I’m done. We’re here and we’re living.

While I was at work, I did end up spending some of my money. I had 3 breaks and a $20 bill (from my clothing jar) in my pocket, sue me.

On my first break I bought a Starbucks Double Shot Iced Coffee, the total was $2.75. On my Lunch I bought a block of cheese, a box of crackers and a pack of Pokemon cards (So what, I’m nerdy), the total was $9.60. The total of my spending on this Sunday was $12.35.

So if we subtract this from yesterday’s total I have $66.95 left over. So now what do I do with my left over money? I put all of my cash into this piggy bank (Yes, It’s a beer bottle, and yes I’m a Habs fan)!

At the end of each month I will deposit the money into my bank account and the balance will help with my 3 goals!

I have also decided to adjust what each jar will hold, value wise and what categories I need. I didn’t use toiletries once so I may lump it with Groceries and I used clothing on things that were not clothing so I may lump it with Misc. But I’ll touch on that more in the next post.

Okay, well I’m quite happy with myself this week. I had almost $70 remaining, if I can keep this momentum up for the rest of the year I should have a NICE savings total by 2020.

Thanks for reading, come back on Saturday!

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