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Week 2: The Real Test

Okay, the real test begins. I did well last week, can I keep it going? Will I continue to rise or will I trip and land on my face?

Today, August 12th I was adamant on spending no money. I had so many things to do that it seemed impossible to need to spend any money.

I started my day by- you guessed it- making a list. I had lots to do, firstly I went to the post office to do some official government stuff (It’s confidential). After that I withdrew my $140 cash (4 x $20, 4 x $10, 4 x $5) and walked to my grandparents house.

I spent about 2.5 hours there. I did some yard work for them, I love working outside so I was feeling good! Had a couple diet Pepsi, it’s like 5% of the reason I go to visit (I don’t have pop at home).

At about 1:30pm my grandpa and I dropped some organic waste off at the dump. By 2:30pm I was making a late lunch and was feeling pretty good about my day.

But at around 4:30pm everything went horribly wrong…


I just helped my other grandma (the one whom I live with) and my mom with some gardening. Then I got to pick my little brother up from daycare! I did however stop off at Walmart and spend $14.65 on a new shower curtain (Much needed) bringing my total for the week down to $125.35.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed, I went on a Pokémon Go hunt with my little brother (he caught some new ones!), I wrote this and went to bed! Goodnight!

August 13th

I rose from my sleeping den at 9am, fed my whiny cat children and began making pancakes!

I spent most of my morning eating and talking with my partner, who had just gotten home from work. But I did make a list, so time to get going on today’s tasks before work!

I was able to complete a few things on my list including dishes, clean the cat litter, and workout.

My partner and I watched a few episodes of our new guilty pleasure show called Strong. Essentially it’s a show geared towards people who want to be healthy and get “Strong” instead of skinny. It is thoroughly entertaining in all ways; terribly dramatic, emotional back stories, and actually cool physical challenges topped with cool and inspiring competitor transformations.

Anyways there is only 1 season so we’ll have to watch something else.

I worked from 5pm-10pm and made sure to pack a good lunch. I managed to spend no money all day. I’m holding it together well going into Wednesday!

August 14th – an adventure of a day.

My day started off a bit slow, slept in, ate some breakfast BUT, I had the day off with my partner! So we wanted to have a fun day since we hadn’t had a chance to see each other in awhile.

We decided to walk downtown to the bus station. We stopped at a nice Cafe called Focus before we caught our bus and my partner treated us to a coffee and a donut. The coffee was actually phenomenal.

We hopped on the bus and headed down to the water to grab a bite at the Incredible Fries chip truck. I wanted to pay for the meal, it was $14 for 2 hot dogs and a poutine which we shared. DELICIOUS! Oh my, chip trucks are like the perfect balance of delicious and you know your stomach is going to hate you after.

After we finished our lunch I decided to take my partner for a walk down into the Dam. It is gorgeous and quite refreshing standing next to the water on a hot day.

After we walked through the Dam we ended up walking to the mall and walked around for a bit before we had to catch the bus. I wound up buying a gift for a friend and my dad. The total of the purchase was $12.40.

After getting home we were swiftly picked up by my older sister and we all went to do some raids in Pokemon Go (It’s been established, I’m nerdy).

After a successful raid hour we ended the night off with a glass of red wine on the back deck. All in all this was quite a successful day.

At the end of the day my total is at $98.95.

August 15

I started the day off by attempting to make my own home made McGriddle style sandwich. I used ‘just add water’ PC Pancake mix, and maple syrup to make the pancake buns. Then made turkey breakfast rounds with ground turkey, oats, and maple syrup. I topped it off with aged cheddar and a single fried egg.

It didn’t taste identical, but I still think it was quite good.

I watched a bit of Ultimate Beast Master and then off to work from 1pm-9pm. Wish me luck.

Okay, it was going soooooooo well. That is until my last break. I noticed chocolate bars were on sale… 3 for $4. So I had to buy them! I also noticed this awesome style of chair that my grandma has, was on clear out for like 70% off so I snagged that up and bought an iced coffee to top it off.

So not the best day but I did decide to use some of my $20 worth of my points so I only spent $9.85.

I like to think that I have self control and will power but sometimes that’s just not true. BUT I only spent just under $10 so like, not bad.

August 16 – Party Time.

One of my good college friends invited me to come to the city for his Going Away party. I am so excited to see my friends!

I started the day off with some breakfast then at 10am my mom, my grandma and I went to pick up my friend (he needed a lift in the same direction). Once he got in the car we were on our way to the train station.

My friend and I rode the train for about an hour and then got off by his place. The train cost me $10. We stopped at a coffee shop to grab lunch. My bill was $12.60. So far spending $22.60 of the $60 I had put in my wallet and $10 of it was on my EMERGENCY credit card.

Oh boy.

I hung out at my friends place for a bit as my phone charged. After about an hour I made my trek to my other friends! It took an hour and a half! Man, I’m sick of trains and subways and buses (oh my) at this point.

Okay the night was wild. Too much to talk about but it was fun!

SO, I am super excited about the weekend because I’m heading to my parents cottage!

I decided to add the weekend to this post as my weekend got in the way of posting! (No access to internet/laptop)

So after hanging in the city I trekked back to my home town to go to the cottage! Before going to the cottage we had to make a few stops:

  • Mcdonalds (Breakfast!!) – $13.64
  • Gas Station (s) – $3.79 & $9.02
  • Pet Store (Litter)- $22.60
  • Liquor Store (Mini Keg/Vodka Sodas) – $53.60

These stops were all much needed for a few reasons, recovery, fun having, and keeping a clean litter box!

After picking up my partner from the house we made our way to the cottage. It was super fun because we had some great family and friends there.

Being out on (or by) the water is such a great way to relieve stress and have a great time. It’s so relaxing and fresh.

We went out on the tubes, the peddle boat, we played games, and we drank and talked and laughed and just had an amazing time.

By the time we got home from the cottage we were tired and ready for a nap. I had a feeling that I was going to over spend this weekend.


I did. I am a little upset, BUT I am also so not regretting any of it! I had such a great time sending my friend off for the last time in the city and an equally great time at the cottage with family and friends.

I’m not trying to make excuses for myself, but sometimes it’s okay to spend a little extra to have a great time with people you love.

I ended the week spending a total of $167.15, that is $27.15 more that I had allotted for myself for the week.

I think considering this was only my second week on the money diet and all of the things I had going on, it isn’t unreasonable that I over spent a little bit.

Let me know what you think. Thanks again for reading!

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