the money diet

Week 3: Heavy Start.

Hello, good day and how do you do?

Soooo a little update, I was actually $3 under budget last week because my partner paid for their drinks at the LCBO and split the cost of the cat litter with me (NICE). So I haven’t failed, yet.

Okay. so now on to this week.

Monday… Yikes.

I went into this week knowing I was going to spend money on Groceries right away. So after a nice trip to the grocery store I spent $30 flat on groceries. Splitting the $57~ bill roughly in half with my partner.

We had to wait almost an hour for the bus (freaking small town buses) so we stopped at an ice cream shop and we each had a milkshake.

After making the trek home we unloaded and had some lunch.

We had wings, zucchini and a pasta side dish. Absolutely delicious.

My partner was getting a lift to work from my grandma so I decided to take a ride with them and I went to the mall.

When I got there I ended up spending $22.60 on a special edition Funko Pop! figure. I also spent $9.15 on card sleeves and $7.90 on a portable phone charger.

My grandma picked me up and the rest of the night was pretty chill.

Except! The portable phone charger is making a stupid high pitch noise whenever it runs! I think it’s the quality of the product. So stay tuned as I will attempt to return it asap.


Waking up at 4:30am to go to work, everyones dream!!

So essentially I worked a pretty busy 8 hours from 6am-2pm. I went home and sat down for about and hour (yay).

Then my partner and I did some work on my grandma’s front walk way! Look how good it looks (not finished yet)

After we finished up there we went inside and grabbed stuff for dinner and my partner fired the grill up!

She made sausages and peppers! It was…the bomb!

After dinner I threw on some storage wars, took a shower and went to bed.


Woke up at the same time, but I rolled around in bed for about an hour while my partner was getting ready for work! I woke up when she left and made breakfast; eggs, fried bologna and sautéd green peppers.

Got to work for 7am and started slinging food around.

My partner was nice enough to pack me a few snacks so I didnt have to grab anything to eat on my breaks. I did however grab a microwave bacon mac and cheese, delicious. It only cost me $2.65.

So I finished up work and as I was leaving I was really craving an iced coffee, but I know the coffee shops around can be pricey. So I bought 2 bottles of iced coffee from my work. The total was $3.75.

After getting home my partner and I went for a little visit to my moms place. After visiting for a bit I went out pokemon hunting with my sister, my brother and my partner. We were out for about an hour.

After returning to my moms and visiting again for a little my partner and I walked home. The sky was gorgeous!

We went home and went to bed.

Side note: I decided not to return that battery pack. The noise wasn’t noticeable today and for like $7 it’s still worked good enough to be worth it.


I woke up for my 6am shift again, worked it, it was fine. Just your average day. Finally when it ended I was able to go home.

I did buy 2 more of those iced coffee things again (Bordering Addiction) which totalled to $3.75, again.

After work my partner and I headed over to my other grandparents house so I could help my grandpa with some yard work.

I cleaned up some vines but also got to visit for a pretty substantial amount of time. Had some more diet Pepsi!

My grandpa drove us home, I made my partner and I breakfast for dinner, it was delicious and then we went to bed.


I got off to a rocky start having slept through my alarm. But I got ready and rushed off to work for 7am.

Work was good, quite busy. I ended up buying 2 starbucks iced coffees that were on for 2 for $4 and 4 lindt excellence chocolate bars that I got for, get this: $1.90 (Total!), it happened because I got my 30% discount and they each had a $3 off coupon on them. Unbelievable right? That ended up costing me $6.10 for both the chocolate and the iced coffees.

The other day my boss offered me a fridge that they couldn’t use anymore but was still in good condition. My partner and I have been having a terrible time with fridges, we currently have 2 mini firdges and they freeze all of our produce OR when we turn it down slightly the food just goes bad super fast.

My boss said I could have it for $50 dollars (my partner and I are splitting it 2 ways, $25 a piece). So I talked to my grandma and my partner and everyone agreed it was a good move.

So today one of the nice drivers at my store helped me bring it home, so I owe my boss $50 tomorrow ($25 out of my budget).

When I finished up work at 3pm, my back was KILLING ME. I decided to buy some muscle cream. That bill came to $13.05.

At home my partner and I watched some tv and barbecued dinner. It was a nice chill night and then we went to bed.

Wake up on Saturday a little sad because I only have $16.05 left in my budgeted money. That’s gotta last me today and tomorrow.

It didn’t go terribly but during my “helluva 6am-2am fiasco” of a shift I stopped by the chicken restaurant and had a meal. The meal came to $9.80.

After work I took a much needed nap as I waited for my cousin and her husband to come over.

They came over and we hung out for a little while. With the help of my cousin’s husband we were able to finally get our fridge into the basement so we can wait that crucial 24hrs before running it.

All in all a fairly successful day.


As I wake up to the sounds of my cats pounding against our bedroom door and jumping off of things I wonder “will I ever get to sleep in again?”

I only have like $6 left so I’m aiming to keep that in my jar so at the end of next week I can deposit all that left over money into my account and make some payments on some of my debts.

The morning started off okay, I went for a walk and came home to have breakfast. My partner and I watched an episode of “The Apartment.”

We went on another walk after breakfast. When we got home we got ready for a family party that was happening! We got picked up by my cousin and headed to my aunt and uncle’s house.

The family party was quite fun! It was nice to see everyone. We stayed for about 7 hours. We played board games like Settlers of Catan, and party games like, “How’s it Hanging?” and “Nut Stacker.” It was a great time. As soon as we got home I was exhausted and I passed out. That it why this post is coming out on Monday!

Here is a quick look at my weeks worth of spending broken down into a small spreadsheet.

I ended this week about $6 under budget. Stay tuned for a new post that breaks down my personal budget and how someone else could benefit from my budget.

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