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Week 4 – Staying on Track

Woke up on Monday from a glorious, much needed 10hr long nap.

I started my day eating some french toast, shortly after my grandma and I head over to the hardware store to get some new patio stones for her front walkway.

The same one I worked on last week. Our intention was to buy the exact same stones (if possible and just expand it to the wall. And if that was not possible we would buy another tile that matched well and I would display it in a dominoe pattern.


We went to the hardware store and found some nice complimentary stones so I could do a pattern. We bought 22. I loaded them into my grandmas car and we went home.

I took a few minutes to grab water and setup some music. I cleared a spot for the first stone to sit. As I plopped in down in place I noticed something quite peculiar, the stone was about an inch smaller the whole way around. Turns out the old stones are a weird size that they must not carry at many stores now.


We went back to the hardware store and I loaded up another 36 stones. Bringing our total to 58 stones. Each stones is 16×16 inches and weighs between 10 to 15 pounds. So lugging them off the pile onto a trolley, then off the trolley and into my grandmas car and out of he car and onto the yard was enough to get the heart rate up.

Finally after the neighbour helped us load the old stones in his trailer I was able to start working on the new walkway.

After all that lifting I was pretty tired. I successfully got about 26 stones laid down and had 32 left for tomorrow.

I went down to the basement and grabbed a drink and decided to go over to the grocery store and grab a few things. The total came to $32.15.

I went home, showered, and went to bed.


I woke up feeling pretty damn good this morning, ready to tackle this 6am-2pm shift!

Work was great, everything went smoothly.

I did spend $6.15 (after $10 off worth of my points) on some groceries. And $1.10 on some chocolate bars.

Shortly after work I started working on my grandma’s front walkway with my partner. We worked for a solid 3 hours and got the base of the walkway done. We ended up being 1 stone short so my grandma and I will be going to pick up the final stone and the small stones tomorrow.

As soon as we finished the patio I started barbecuing dinner. As soon as I finished barbecuing my cousin showed up.

The three of us hung out for a few hours and the two of them stayed up, I went to bed.


This morning was okay, left early for work, can not wait to get off though. I just need the opportunity to get a sleep schedule going and I think these early mornings should start to feel normal.

It isn’t even worth talking about how wild my day was (Not wild, yet KINDA wild). I did buy some pre-prepared meals for $5.00.

Got off work at 3pm and went for a Pokémon hunt with some people. Came home and measured the area for the small stones (for the walkway).

My grandma and I picked up the 1 stone that was missing do to the slight miscalculation, and 6 smaller stones as well as a couple bags of rocks.

We brought those home and I placed everything in the garage, I decided I will finish the walkway tomorrow.

My grandma needed to go back out to get gas so she told me she would drive me to the mall. I wanted to meet up with my partner and take the bus home after they were done work.

My partner works at the mall, so I took a stroll around while they were finishing up work. In my travels I made 2 purchases, one was a Post Malone Funko Pop! ($16.95) and the second was my LATE dinner ($13.20).

I am going to do my best tomorrow to stay busy, so I don’t spend money. I’ve got $65.45 left, that’s about $16 a day for the rest of the week.


I worked 6am-2pm today, it was fine, busy because it is our senior’s day.

I met up with my partner at 5:30 to buy some groceries. My partner ended up paying for the remaining cost of the groceries after we used $20 worth of points.

Because of the crappy buses we had to wait like 35 minutes for a ride home so we walked to the ice cream shop and I bought us a small cone each. ($5.65)

We got home and put away the groceries.

After putting the groceries away I went out and finished up the walkway!

Just as a reminder this is what the old walkway looked like.

I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

Once I finished the walkway I cleaned up the tools with my grandma.

My partner and I decided to go to the local fair that was set up right beside where we live and grab a jumbo corn dog for dinner.

After walking around for a bit we headed home and went to bed.

Friday I woke up and worked 7am-3pm. Side note: I HATE handling frozen food man, it’s SO cold.

After work I bought 2 packs of Stouffers Crustini’s which cost $6.30.

When I got home I hung out with my grandma and my Aunt for a bit.

After my partner got home from work I went for a short walk. I got home and we went to bed. Pretty average day.


Woke up for my 6am-2pm shift. WILD day. No lie. I took 0 of my 3 breaks. It was soooooooo busy.

When I got home my partner and I went for a walk. It was nice after a long day at work.

When we got back home I helped my grandma clip some branches from a tree and then I swept the setting sand between the walkway stones.

My partner made dinner for us and my grandma, we had a chicken broccoli braid! It is delicious. Check it out here:

After dinner we went to the grocery store to buy some stuff. I spent $15.

We came home and my partner and I put together a blueberry-peach crisp for the cottage tomorrow!


We woke up and got ready to leave to go to the cottage with my dad. The day was really fun, we had family there. We went on the water trampoline, I went out on the jet-ski. It was a nice relaxing day.

We had dinner after everyone left, then we got to try some of the blueberry-peach crisp! So good.

We watched a bit of Napoleon Dynamite and off to bed.

Sorry for posting so late on Monday, I was at my parents cottage and couldn’t do my spreadsheet without my receipts!!!

Here is my weekly breakdown! Seeya next week.

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