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Week 5 – Over a Month!


Woke up Monday morning feeling extremely exhausted from the day before! I think I drank like 3 coffees this morning!

We had breakfast at the cottage with my dad and my step mom. After my step mom left we went out on the jet-ski’s again for a bit. When we came back in we ate some lunch, packed up and headed back into town.

My dad dropped my partner and I off at home.

Shortly after getting home we decided to go for a nice long walk. It was great but I was still feeling the exhaustion so I was happy to get back home when we did. We put on some dinner, watched a show and went to bed!


Today’s shift was quite good! No unexpected happenings and everything went fairly smooth!

After work I came home to get changed. Shortly after my mom picked me up. We went to the store and then picked my brother up.

We hung out for a bit then I went out to play pokemon with my brother for about an hour. We then went to pickup my partner from work and chilled at my moms for a little while.

She dropped us back off at home and then my partner and I threw on a show with some snacks and went to bed!


Woke up and went to work for 7am. My shift was nice, not too busy but busy enough to make it go by quick!

While I was at work I bought a salad which cost $2.45. When I was done work I snagged up some groceries. After using $20 worth of points I spent $7.55.

After coming home from work I needed to grab some things from the dollar store. I went and spent $9.05, while I was out I stopped at the grocery store and spent $17.25.

I came home and put the groceries away, made dinner and turned on a show.

My total remaining now sits at $103.70.



This morning SUCKED!

It was seniors day at my job so it was soooooo busy and everything happened all at once! It went by so fast though!

After work I went to the bank and deposited some money!

I walked over to my grandparents house and set up my grandmas new iPad (she’s only a little tech savvy… love you gramma).

I then helped my grandpa clear some weeds off his driveway.

We picked my partner up from work and went out for dinner!

Dinner was fun, although part of my food could have been cooked a bit longer.

We got dropped off. We hung out for a bit and then went to bed.


Friday I woke up feeling MUCH better than Thursday. Work was NOT busy so I was able to take 2 whole breaks!!!! It was pleasant to say the least. While I was at work I bought some ice cream and cheese curd which came to $8.45

I got home and got to see my partner. We talked for a bit and then my grandma and mom showed up and we talked with them for a bit as I baked a quiche (not home made) for dinner.

After dinner my partner and I went out for a walk to a couple stores. I ended up spending $7.25 on a phone case, some coin rollers and seasonings.

When we got home we had a glass of wine and some snacks until we went to bed!

My total at the end of Friday is $88.


Woke up and worked 6-2. Today was ANNOYING, my deliveries were supposed to come, first one at 7:30am and second one at 9:30am. But instead both ended up showing up at the EXACT SAME TIME. I had to work 5 skids off the floor. What makes it worse is that all of the skids were refrigerated items! Talk about stress. Luckily I had a coworker that was able to help me, but it still took until 2pm when I was done to get it all off the floor.

On my lunch that I took about 6 and a half hours into my shift I spent $8 on food and a drink.

Although, when I was heating up my lunch a coworker decided to turn on the Keurig machine and blow the circuit so I had to eat my lunch cold. (Awesome, super great) because I work in a big store when we looked for the breaker panel there were like 10 panels. So I said screw it and ate my frozen (literally) dinner.

After work my dad picked me up, we watched UFC 242: Kahbib Nurmagomedov V. Dustin Poirier. Good fight but Khabib is SOOOO GOOD. Hard to match the talent and determination.

After that we watched as Bianca Andreescu became the first Canadian singles player to win the US Open and the first to win a Grand Slam title in general. #SheTheNorth

After the match was over my partner made us dinner, lovely salmon with vegetables and a pasta side. We watched some of the show Lucifer as we ate. I was exhausted so shortly after we went to bed.

At the end of Saturday my total sits at $80.


Woke up Sunday after a pretty decent snooze. I made breakfast for my partner and I. We turned on some Lucifer and went over some things we wanted to get for meals for the week.

My partner went off to work and I worked on a list I made. As you can see I did pretty well.

After getting a good chunk of my list done I went for a walk to the dollar store, I spent $4.90 there. After that I walked over to the grocery store. I spent $20.80 on some groceries.

Once I was finished at the grocery store I was craving some taters from the restaurant nearby (they are unbelievably good) so I got a medium with gravy which came to $8.45.

When I arrived home I put everything away and then my grandma and I headed over to my moms house.

Shortly after arriving I went to pickup my partner. Once everyone was there we ate the dinner my mom had made, it was DELICIOUS!

My mom had gotten onto the topic of TV’s and how hers was so old and she wanted to get a new one. SO, I told her my store had them on sale and you got 20x the bonus points. After a few minutes we had her convinced. My partner and I went and picked up the new smart tv and then we set it up for her.

We all sat around and watched an episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race and then headed home to go to bed.

At the end of the week I have $46.65 remaining! Not a bad week at all.

Here is a breakdown of my week.

1 reply on “Week 5 – Over a Month!”

You’re doing a great job. So how does this effect your ability to save? What was your grand total for the month? Income vs Expenses for your total month of successful savings growth….. it would be interesting to know if keeping yourself accountable has positively effected your bottom line.
Great job!!


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