the money diet

Week 6 – Uh-Oh


I woke up this morning fairly well rested. I walked with my partner part way on their way to work. I stopped at my bank to withdraw my money for the week and get some forms. On my way back from the bank I grabbed an ice coffee and a bite to eat from the coffee shop, I spent $8.40.

I spent most of my afternoon emailing and tidying things up (BORING).

I went to work for 3pm. It was alright, a lot of on the computer modules and stuff. I got off and went over to the grocery store to grab something to eat cause I was STARVING! I spent $5.25.

I came home on the bus and my partner had made spaghetti and meatballs with caesar salad! I had a healthy serving. We watched an episode of Lucifer, my partner finished baking some muffins and we were off to bed!

Money remaining at the end of day is $126.35.


Today I woke up and went to my 6am shift. It was a rather busy day, my orders came 1 after the other, after the other… after the other, after the other.

I ended up taking a lunch with an hour and a half left of my shift. I spent $3 on an iced coffee.

After my shift my mom showed up to our place to visit my grandma and graciously allowed me to use her car to drive my partner to their interview. After dropping my partner off I went to pick my brother up from daycare. We stopped by the coffee shop and I grabbed him a sprinkled donut.

We then went back to pickup my partner. We drove home, talked with everyone for a bit then went downstairs to our apartment for a snooze.


Holy Wednesday, I woke up for my 7am and was feeling okay. But the longer my shift dragged on it got worse and worse. The mood today just wasn’t what it usually is. I did however get to eat outside on my lunch and you bet I saw 4 seagulls fighting over the crust of an old slice of pizza! (SWEET!).

A video of seagulls munching Za

After work I went home and I got to play a little bit of my video game I hadn’t touched pretty much since it came out in January.

I did a couple chores and then I was on my way to check on my grandparents house (they asked us to house sit for a bit while they were away) too bad I got all the way to the bus stop and realized I forgot the key to get in! WOW! So I walked back home waited until the next bus came and made sure I had the key.

My partner met me there after their shift at work. We stayed and hung out with the cat for awhile and then caught the bus to go home.


I woke up, had a coffee, went to work and it was heck. I couldn’t get a break in, orders kept coming in one after another and I was just straight swamped. Luckily I had someone come to the rescue and help me out at the end of my shift. When I left work I spent $5.55 on 10 ice cream treats.

I got off work, came home and hung out with my partner until they went off to work.

I made some butter chicken, it was superbly delicious. My mom stopped by. I took her car and I picked up my brother so she could have a tea with my gramma.

My brother and I stopped by the mall to see my partner at work, he wanted to try on a hand sanitizer they were selling, he smelled his hands and started freaking out and wiping the sanitizer on his pants. He said it smelled like bad perfume. The employee clearly felt awkward…goodbye.

I promised him we would go to the toy store. I bought him this thing called Pantaro? and it’s part of Goo Jit Zu? it’s like a gooey panther thing… I don’t know really. And me being the big kid I am and since I haven’t really treated myself in awhile I found an exclusive Funko Pop! that I don’t have so I bought that for myself and a box of Pokémon cards (NERD!).

Wtf is this?

In total I spent $72.30. I had to split the cost between my Misc. and my entertainment. Worth it though.

I came home and hung out with my partner a bit before bed! I had a big day ahead of me.


I woke up friday for my 7-3 shift and it was alright! Always busy.

After my shift I went home and quickly got ready because I was working a shift at my new job. So I went in at 430 and worked until 830. The people I worked with were so fun to be around but the job itself was less than stimulating and honestly working almost 13 hours in a day is completely exhausting especially when it is at 2 different places.

One of the people offered to drive me home. I stayed up to eat a bit with my partner and then went to bed.


I woke up at 3am and felt awful. And I guess when I went back to bed I turned off all of my alarms because I woke up to a text from my manager at 6:01 asking if I was on my way. I texted her and she was fine with it. I got to work for 6:30 and worked until 2:30. It was okay but I had a gnarly headache the whole time. I bought a bottle of Kombucha, it cost $3.15.

I decided in that moment that I couldn’t do 6 days a week at almost 13 hours a day every week for the next 4 months. I would have literally died.

I came home and my aunt, mom, brother and cousin were all there. I ran down to the basement to see my partner.

We went upstairs and made salsa with everybody! it was a grand ole time.

After the first batch went on the stove my partner and I went out to buy some groceries. We ended up buying $209.45 worth of stuff. We chopped that down to $69.45 because the store had a special on where $100 worth of points was actually worth $140 (just for the weekend). Unfortunately when I add this number to my total money spent for the weekend I am over my weekly limit.


Sunday I woke up from a nice sleep and had breakfast with my partner! We went out for a nice walk downtown. It started to rain so we stopped in at a local coffee shop called Focus.

We took the bus home and I made lunch as my partner got ready for work.

They went to work and I left shortly after to check on my grandparents cat. I stopped by Walmart to grab my grandpa a give for his birthday. It cost me $18.75, I grabbed a Large Fry and a drink from McDonalds because I was starving, it cost $5.65. I ventured to my grandparents, I stayed there for awhile with the cat and head home.

At the end of week six I have officially missed the mark for the first time. I was over this week by $51.49 with my grand total spent being $191.49.

I am obviously a little annoyed at myself BUT I know for a fact that big shops ($209.45 -$140 points) like that don’t happen super often for us and I don’t treat myself and my brother to things ($72.30) like that almost ever. So I am confident I can be well under my goal for next week.

Here is a look at my spending for week 6:

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