the money diet

Week 7 – Fun Fun Fun!


Well, well, well… I’m obviously a little disappointed that I failed last week BUT I’m proud of myself for going 5 whole weeks before my first failure.

This Monday I woke up and watched Netflix for 4 hours while making food and tidying a bit. I decided to go to the bank to get my money at about 1:45pm.

After getting back home my partner arrived from their new job! They seemed to be really enjoying it and that made me happy!

We had been having issues with the smoke alarm so we tried to figure out what was wrong. After awhile we came to the conclusion that it was likely just old. So we went to the store with my grandma and bought another one.

I was tasked with putting the new one in. I started working on it, and only moments later I electrocuted myself (OUCH!) then realized we needed to turn the power source off (DUH).

After finally figuring out which switch turned it off I successfully attached the alarm. Then realized that the new alarm wouldn’t screw into the old base. (Even though it was the same model!!!) So I was able to unplug the wiring from the back and screw the new base on. The alarm is up and running and hasn’t made any annoying chirping noises yet (Fingers Crossed). *Insert unexciting picture of smoke alarm below!*

New Smoke Alarm! Right on!

Shortly after, my partner and I went for a walk and then went to bed.


I woke up this morning and went to work.

It went by so fast that I hardly noticed I was there… I wasn’t feeling well on Monday as I believe I bruised my ribs while moving stuff at work last week. It still kind of hurts, hoping it subsides by weeks end.

I got off work and went home.

When my partner got home we each had a coffee and we went to catch the bus. We went to a local collectibles shop because I wanted to checkout some things.

Afterwards we hopped on another bus and went to the mall. My partner had to get some new clothes for their job and I just wanted to be out of the house and maybe browse Funkos (Too Nerdy).

My partner ended up finding some nice additions to their wardrobe and I spent $15.25 on a new Squirtle Funko Pop!.

It was getting late and we decided to treat ourselves to some take out. We got FRIED CHICKEN! It cost me $15. It was so good, but soooooooo bad.

We watched a few episodes of Lucifer and dozed off.


Wednesday started off NASTY! I had to clean these liners out from underneath our dairy section… MAN THAT WAS GROSS! after that it was a pretty relaxed day. I had to throw away some nasty garbage but other than that not bad.

After work I came home, tidied as best I could and started on dinner.

We had SLAMMIN’ SALMON! (not what the dish is actually called but I thought it was funny) It was salmon grilled with cauliflower, green pepper, grape tomatoes and lemons! It was delicious!

My partner and I went for a little walk then called it a night. Today FLEW by.


WOW, I woke up feeling good. I went to work for 6am and it was fine, right up until about noon when I started feeling sick. Stuffy nose, pounding headache and super sleepy.

I walked home and it only got worse. My nose was plugged, my throat hurt and my eyes would not stop watering!

I sucked it up and drove my partner to work, before that we stopped at the electronics store and bought a portable battery charger, it cost $39.55.

I dropped my partner off and decided to walk around the mall. I stopped in at a toy store and decided to go on a mini Funko hunt. I found my 2nd CHASE Funko Pop!, I was beyond excited as (for those of you who don’t know) CHASE variants of Funko products are versions of certain products that are produced at a much lower rate then the original variant of that product, sometimes 1-60, 1-100 but regardless it is MUCH more valuable and exciting to find. I don’t think the workers at the selling store knew much about the value of the CHASE variants so the product was even on sale!! I got it for $11.30 taxes in!

Notice how the figure is different than the picture on the front? That is essentially what a chase is. Also the sticker on the front is usually a good indicator.

I haven’t been feeling well and I was craving some bad food so I decided to get a poutine, it cost $6.95.

I drove back home and then went with my mom to her place for a visit. I hung out for awhile watching RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 2 and chatting. We waited until my partner was off work and went to go pick them up.

When we got home we had a tea and went to bed.

Total remaining at the end of the day is $51.15.


Woke up for my 7am shift feeling a little under the weather! I felt like eating bad food all day because I felt so nasty. I did buy some ice cream and a box of tea for home. It cost $7.40.

When I got home I basically slept the whole afternoon away. I felt much better afterwards!

I stayed up had dinner and watched Lucifer with my partner and went to bed shortly after.


Woke up for my 6am shift feeling pretty good!

It was a decent day at work! I got off at 2pm and booked it out of there! I ran into my partner who wanted to grab some stuff from the store I work at so we walked back and got some things.

We headed home, we got ready and my sister and her boyfriend picked us up.

We were on our way to Montreal! We got there and grabbed some dinner. Dinner cost $60. We hung out for a bit and went to bed.

Sunday (Funday)

Today started well, woke up in Quebec next to my partner and had some muffins.

We all got ready and left the Hotel.

We stopped to grab a bite to eat for breakfast and then we headed to the island for Pokemon Go! Safari Zone Montreal.

We spent 6 hours on an island playing Pokemon Go! and taking in the island itself! It was a great time, lots of walking but lots of fun!

Entrance to the Safari Zone

During the festival I spent a total of about $25 on snacks for my partner and I.

A real life Pokéstop that allowed players to charge up their devices.

After the festival we made our way to the subway, then the car and started on our way home.

We stopped for a bite to eat before we got home.

As soon as we did get home though my partner was out like a light! I stayed up for a bit to make them a lunch for work as I was off the next day!

At the end of the week I am about $50 over my budget of $140 per week. But in all honesty, I am completely okay with it, and here is why:

I got to go to a festival that was taking place in North America for the first time and maybe the last (who knows!). I got to spend the day with people I care about and do something I enjoy. So ya I spent a bit more than I wanted BUT sometimes you just gotta live and do what you want!

Here is a breakdown of my spending:

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