the money diet

Week 8 – The Bounce Back?…

Last week was a great week but unfortunately for my financials it was below average! Let’s see how this week goes!


Ah Monday, a day off. I slept in until about 11am and laid until 12n. I got up, showered, tidied a bit and then went up to see my grandma. We talked for a few hours and then all of the sudden my partner was home from work. The day is flying by!

We got to making dinner shortly and ate with my grandma, we made pasta and peas and my grandma made Pork Schnitzel and some sort of beet dish. It was all very yummy.

After dinner we all went out to pick up some things. We grabbed litter and cat food from the pet store which I spent $57 on. We went to a Walmart and picked up a few things. I spent $27 dollars there. We then went to the grocery store an my partner picked up some groceries.

My partner and I went downstairs and watched some Lucifer while I made muffins.

After my partner went to bed I worked out for about an hour, showered and went to bed!


I woke up and had breakfast with my partner before going to work for 6am.

Work was good, it flew by FAST.

I did end up buying some groceries which cost $10.60.

When I got home I began making tacos for dinner so my partner could eat before they went to work. We had tacos!

After my partner left for work I watched a buttload of Dragons Den and eventually started doing some chores.

I worked out for an hour or so, showered and went to bed.


So I have $45.40 left for Today, Tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have faith that I can go the week without spending anymore of my budget. This is because my partner and I have already purchased a good chunk of groceries. We have the cats food for at least another month, the litter for a couple weeks and I have no real plans this week.

But I’m not going to set a goal to spend $0 because things come up because life is unpredictable.

BUT I am looking pretty good. The only thing I have to resist is the urge to spend.

Anyways, I worked my 7-3 shift and went home.

When my partner arrived home we made dinner and watched some of Lucifer.

We had planned to visit my grandparents. After missing the first 4 phone calls from my grandma I quickly called her back. They picked us up and we went over.

They decided to make dinner so we were having 2nd dinner! It was delicious but my stomach felt like it was going to burst.

It was a really great time hanging out with them. They drove us home and I got ready for bed!


Today I woke up after not getting a great sleep. I went to work and had a pretty great day all in all. On my way home I bought a bag of cheese curds for $3.25.

I came home and hung out with my partner for a bit before they went to their last shift at one of their current 3 jobs! (Talk about hard worker!)

I walked them to the bus stop and decided to hop on with them.

We got to the mall and I dropped them off and went around to a few stores.

I walked past the food court and got really hungry. I spent $12.40 on Taco Bell, instantly regretted it.

It was tasty, but it ain’t nice to my tummy, also not a necessary spend.

When I got home I did some chores around the apartment. I then worked out. After my workout I had a shower, a protein shake and hopped into bed in Hope’s of having a good sleep for my 7am tomorrow!


Woke up for work and had a great breakfast! French toast! I bought a Starbucks cold brew drink for $2.75.

Work was good, had fun changing over our sale items with my buddy Josh. I got off work and I bought a bag or Doritos for myself and a pop for Josh, it cost $3.55.

I walked home and had dinner with my partner. We watched some Lucifer, watched some hockey and then I worked out for a bit. I showered and went to bed!


I slept in! Until 5am.

I had an okay day at work. Only a bit frustrating at times.

When I finished work I felt exhausted. My partner and I decided to get fish and chips for dinner and some snacks so we could have them while we watched IT. I bought the snacks, they cost $7.20.

My partner grabbed us some wine, made us a cute little fort and we sat down and watched IT. It was the first time watching for both of us. And as a film graduate I thought it was pretty good. As a viewer, also pretty good. I loved the contrast between scenes shot in day and night or light and dark. A lot of horror movies stray from lit scenes and aim to scare you in the dark the whole time. IT had some pretty creepy day time scenes as well as some heartfelt and funny moments!

After watching an episode of Lucifer we got ready for bed.


This morning I went to Costco with my partner! It was a fun day, we spent money that we were given from my grandparents for cat sitting and then I covered the extra $13.50. We bought some groceries to cover us for awhile!

We stopped at a clothing store and I spent $5.65 on a t-shirt.

We stopped at a Tim Horton’s on the way home. It cost $19.80 for lunch.

When we got home we unpacked and I drove my mom’s car back to her. She dropped me off at the mall. I was meeting a friend.

I had made plans with my friend to go on a Funko Pop! hunt. We went to the mall and stopped by quite a few stores. He ended up buying 5 Pop!’s. I was searching for CHASE Pop!’s and I did end up finding one. Only thing was, it was the exact one I found last week! I spent $11.85 on the one and $16.95 on the other.

I almost got out of the mall without over spending… but then I saw something and I ended up buying a Christmas gift for someone, it cost me $77.65.

On the way home we stopped for a coffee, I spent $3.15 on a donut and an iced coffee.

At the end of the week I spent $132.30 over budget. (YIKES!)

This week really got me. I’m going to have to work hard the next few weeks to make that back.

Something to note for me though it that I won’t have to buy cat food next week and I likely won’t be buying a spur of the moment present. And even if I buy everything else I did I would only be sitting at $137.65.

So although I have missed the mark the last 3 weeks I believe I will get back on track next week as I have less expenses to worry about.

Here is a breakdown of my spending:

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