the money diet

Week 10 – Thanksgiving is Coming!


I woke up for work today… because I asked for the weekend off I had to come in Monday instead.

7am start time and I spent the first 2 hours rifling through 200 bags of mandarins to get rid of any bad ones.

Then I spent the rest of the day working in the freezers… which I despise.

But all in all my day wasn’t terrible.

I went to the credit union after work to get my money for the week! I ran into my stepmom which was a nice surprise! We talked for a bit and I headed to the corner store to pickup garbage tags, I spent $9.50.

I went home and my partner was making dinner! We had acorn squash filled with rice, sausage and veggies! It was good!

After watching some Big Mouth, we went to the gym! We worked out for about an hour and went home.

I washed some dishes, packed our lunches and went to bed.


Woke up for my 7am today and was all prepared so I wasn’t rushed. I took out the garbage and walked to work.

Today was rough because our orders got all messed up as the senders gave us our orders for the next month and a half all at once so our numbers were all off.

When I got off I went home and had a tea with my partner.

I went to the mall to do some shopping. I bought a gift for someone that cost $17.30, and I bought 2 Halloween movies for my partner. Those cost $22.60.

I ate dinner at the mall which cost me $10.35 and then I grabbed a dessert and a coffee which cost $3.75.

When I got back home I talked with my partner for a bit and then we went to bed!


Worked 8 hours today, felt like 2. But glad to be done.

I went home and I made dinner for my partner and I. We had chicken burgers with grilled onions and some broccoli.

We went to the gym for about and hour and then hopped on the bus to come home.

We stopped at the store before getting home to buy some baking supplies because I decided to bake some treats for a bake sale fundraiser at my work.

We got home turned on Hocus Pocus and started baking. We baked until 11pm and then hit the hay!


Ah, Thursday. The last day of work for my partner and I before Thanksgiving!

I walked into work with my treats for the bake sale and I was ready for a relaxed day.

HA! WRONG! It was one of the worst days I’ve experienced at work yet.

We sell frozen food at my store so I was doing the regular temperature checks when I noticed one of the freezers was a bit warmer than normal at -6. Then I noticed it was getting up to +4 degrees

We had to remove everything from 10 of our freezers! It took SOOOOO long. On top of that we received our milk order and food order all at the same time. All this happening on one of our busiest days (senior’s day).

I was ready to get home after a long day of chaos.

I bought some food with cost $2.45 and walked home.

My mom called me and asked if my partner and I wanted to go to Walmart so we said what the heck.

I spent $16.20 on beer and snacks.

Then we went to McD’s and I bought a meal for $11.95. They are doing Monopoly and I won a 14 day Xbox Game Pass if anyone wants it (don’t have an Xbox lol).

We came home and threw on the first episode of Riverdale season 4.

We ended up watching the first 3 episodes of Rhythm & Flow on Netflix while we did some chores! It was actually a really good watch!

I packed and then we went to bed!


Woke up and got picked up by me mum!

We got on the road to the first transit station! We arrived about an hour and a half later. We hopped on the train and were headed to the second train station.

When we got there we stopped for some food! My partner bought us each a coffee and a breakfast sandwich at McDonalds, I won some sweet prizes again on the monopoly. We got in line for the train and boarded shortly after.

We got moving and I made some adjustments to my website!! (Have you noticed?)

After 3 and a half hours we arrived at the final train station! My partners mom came to pick us up and we went to my partners parents house.

We had some pizza and wings for dinner and watched my partners sisters hockey game, hung out and went to bed.


Woke up and went downstairs to have breakfast. We hung out for a bit and then my partner, their mom and I went for a walk around the town to all the local shops. We ended up buying some Christmas gifts, in total I spent $40.60.

She walked home and my partner noticed that a screen protector they had bought was broken. So their mom drove us back to the store to return it and we decided to go to a few more stores and we got some more stuff.

When we got home my partners mom made dinner for everyone, chicken, potatoes and salad. It was delicious.

We watched a few comedy specials with my partners parents and then we headed to bed.

Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!

(Thanksgiving) Sunday

We woke up, had some breakfast and got ready for the day!

We made our way to the local fair and met up with my partners brother and his girlfriend. This place is awesome. They have so many different things, it’s just really nice to walk around!

They have some sweet pepperette variations if your into meat! I spent $50 on some of those.

It’s honestly a really nice fair, there are lots of vendors and food trucks and there are rides. It was very, very fun

After the fair we went over to my partners Aunt’s house where we had thanksgiving dinner.

Wonderful turkey, ham, vegetables, mashed potatoes, stuffing. The whole shebang.

After dinner we all chilled for a bit and then headed over to this place called Reapers Realm. It has haunted bus rides and a few haunted houses. It is really cool!

We ended up getting VIP passes so we got to skip the line and ride/walk through faster.

It honestly is a really cool experience, super creepy but very entertaining. Wish I was allowed to take pictures so I could show a little bit but I couldn’t.

We gathered our belongings and we went home, had some snacks and went to bed.


Here is the link to my weekly spending breakdown. Those dang pepperettes put me over budget. I am honestly happy with the outcome of my thanksgiving weekend spending because historically, this could have been eons worse. I was only $44.70 over budget.

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