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Week 11 – Recovering from a Holiday!

After the Thanksgiving weekend I had a few thoughts. I had talked to my partner (who is my girlfriend) oh my gosh did he just say girlfriend? Yes and here’s why:

I have been writing in a very generic way that conceals mine and any included in my blogs identity as well as locations. I’ve come to realize that even with my greatest attempts to do so I have failed in minor ways. But I also realize that I can connect with my readers in a much more meaningful way if they know who I am, where I’m going and what exactly I’m doing.

That being said, none of the pictures I post of people will be posted without their consent. I just want both you (the reader) and myself to have the best time with these blogs.

I’ve also noticed that although I claim to be a pseudo finance/lifestyle blog I’ve been leaning towards the lifestyle a bit too much and not relating back to my experiences saving/spending money.

So this week expect a brand new blog to go along with my brand new website layout!! Shoutout to my girlfriend Jordan for the suggestion!



On Monday morning we woke up and had a bunch of carbs. Some croissants and cinnamon buns!

Later in the afternoon Jordan’s mom drove us to the via station. We hopped on our train and spent the next 4.5 hours heading to Toronto’s Union Station.

When we arrived we had to switch trains and about 2 hours later we were in Oshawa.

My mom was supposed to pick us up from the station at 7:15pm, but traffic was backed up! She arrived around 8:30pm. We drove home and went to bed shortly after as Jordan and I had to work early the next morning.


I went to work for 7am. The day was steady and went by quite quick.

My manager wanted a coffee from Tim’s so I walked over on my lunch. I ended up buying food because I didnt have time last night to pack a lunch. I spent $12.10.

When I left work I grabbed some groceries and it cost $24.90.

Jordan and I had dinner, watched some Lucifer and then went to the gym. We did some cardio and abs and went home.

We had some protien and chilled out for a bit then went to bed.


I woke up this morning shortly after Jordan. I went to take a shower and because Jordan usually puts on a bit of makeup before work I thought, “hey, let’s open the window so the mirror doesnt fog up.” Well, I forgot one little detail. The alarm system goes off as soon as a window opens.


I swear I’ve never booked it up those stairs faster than I did when I heard that noise. Like 1 second and it was off.

I hoped I didn’t wake up my grandma but I believe I did and for that, I apologize.

I left for work and was running a bit behind. Today was weird because there isn’t usually a ton of stuff coming in on wednesdays so I get a chance to work all of the food that’s already in our back fridge out to the sales fridge. But we had a little freezer scare reminiscent of last Thursday.

Thankfully it was just in defrost mode.

On my lunch I grabbed a coffee and a sparkling water, it cost $4.95.

I clocked out and purchased some food for home, it cost me $15.70.

When I got home I made some banana muffins for the bake sale at work. After they finished I did some dishes and got ready to go out.

My sister Nicole picked me up and we went out for Pokemon Go raid hour. It was alright, kinda sucked that it rained but we got through it.

We stopped by after to see Nicole’s partner Stephen and chatted for a bit.

Nicole dropped me off at home, I talked to Jordan for a bit about the new water serving fountain thing she bought for our water bowl tossing cats.

Here’s a pic:

My silly cat meeting his new water fountain.

After this scenario faded off a bit Jordan and I had a salad, watched Lucifer and then went to bed.


I woke up and Jord was making pancakes! We ate and then we both went to work.

My day was alright. I did however end up buying a banana cake with cream cheese icing from our bake sale for $3. It was soooooo good but man it felt like I had a concrete block in my stomach after.

I also donated $10 and recieved 6 tickets for a draw to win a tv.

I finished my shift. On my way home I bought 6 avocados for $2.95. I forgot chips so I stopped at the convenience store and spent $9.60 on Tostitos.

When I got home Jordan made us burritos and I made guacamole! We ate and then watched a bit of Big Mouth.

We got ready and went to the gym for about an hour.

When we got home we chilled for a bit and then went to sleep.


Work was pretty chill, I worked in the fridges ALL DAY, 8 HOURS! Organizing the mess of a single serve refrigerator we have.

It looks great now! Just have to get some new product to fill it up.

While I was working my mom came in and we talked for a bit about this pumpkin thing we are planning on going to!

On my lunch I was hungry after eating what I packed so I went to buy pizza for lunch, I spent $4.75.

After work I bought some gum which cost me $5.60. I came home and had a salad and chicken fingers with Jordan.

I kind of wanted to get out of the house so we decided to go on a late nigh starbucks journey.

Pumpkin scone, yum.

Of course I got a pumpkin spice latte and a pumpkin scone!

We had a bit of time before the bus came so we went for a nice little walk and finally caught the bus home. We chilled and went to bed.


Woke up feeling… meh.

I was so lazy this morning I cooked one egg in the microwave and just doused it in ketchup for breakfast.

I got to work and worked on the single serve fridge for a bit again.

We were expecting a dairy and a fresh food order. Milk is supposed to arrive at 7:30 and fresh around 9:30.


Making my morning/afternoon stressful. The thing that stresses me out the most is that the food has to be refrigerated so the longer it stays on the floor the worse! But working 5 skids alone as well as recieving it all when you have like 15 different invoices is hard too.

Everything got done though so it’s all good.

After work I bought some groceries and spent $43.35. I walked home and chilled with Jordan until my mom came to pick us up. We were on our way to Morrisbourg to check out Pumpkinferno at the Upper Canada Village.

Essentially it is just a huge pumpkin display. It was a great time, here are some of the exhibits that were there:

Unicorn made out of pumpkins.
A hockey game made out of pumpkins.
A space scene made out of pumpkins.
Several types of dogs made out of pumpkins.

We got home late and went to bed shortly after.


I woke up and took a bath. I got dressed, started doing some laundry and all of the sudden I felt SOOO cold. I was shivering out of control.

I covered up, and for the whole day it was Hot/Cold, Hot/Cold. I had a temperature of 103 F. It was awful. I laid around and watched a bunch of tv and we watched Halloween Town.

Sunday really wasn’t eventful at all aside from feeling like I was dying.

Going Cashless this week.

This week I was somewhat forced into going cashless when usually I go cardless! The holiday plus our full day of travel took away my one day that I usually get my cash. Then the remaining days were pretty filled up.

All in all the experience of using only cards again was freeing, yet scary! I have no indicator of how much money I had left in my budget except if I were to check my bank account/credit statement.

I definitely would suggest if you’re going to do a cash budget, TRY YOUR BEST TO GET YOUR CASH! The whole week I felt as though I was going to over spend. It was a terrible feeling.

I am going to do my best to get to the credit union to withdraw my budget cash! I’m also only going to use $120 this coming week.

Take a look at my breakdown below! Thanks for reading!

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