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Week 12 – Ramping up Your Savings!

This week I’m challenging myself by spending $20 less than what I usually do.

I’m in the latter half of saving for the big purchase… a car! So I’m really trying to save as much as I can. I’m monitoring my out and in a lot closer than I ever have.

I’ve downloaded an app that helps me track my money in all of its locations and forms. Whether it be my bank account, credit union accounts, my 2 credit cards, my cash and my loans, I can throw it all into one app and it tells me exactly what I need to know.

The app I use to manage my funds is called Money Manager and I have it for Android. The app logo is a red square with a piggy bank in it (If you’re wondering!). I do highly suggest this! I got the idea to use one of these apps from my mom!

Let’s see how my week goes!


AHHHH, last night and yesterday I was so sick, I woke up this morning still feeling terrible. I didn’t go to work. I stayed home to hopefully cure whatever illness was occurring.

I popped Advil cold and sinus, drank lots of water, laid under blankets and was lazy all morning. Come 2pm I was feeling quite a bit better. My temperature had dropped a fair bit!

By the evening I was pretty well back to full health.

Today was also election day! So I borrowed my moms car and zoomed out to cast my vote!

Not going to lie, watching the live results was quite disappointing. I’m hoping in the next few elections we can break out of old habits and try something new… if you know what I’m saying.

I had to work in the morning so off to bed I went!


This morning I was a bit too lazy as I worked later than usual, 7:45am!

So lazy I forgot to eat… I rushed into work on an empty stomach and a coffee.

Today I was training to supervise! It was a great experience learning the ins and outs of opening the store.

I went on my lunch and spent $13.45 on food and tickets for some draws!

The draws are for Raptors tickets and Habs tickets!

After work I went to the dollar store to grab cake mix for the cupcakes Jordan and I are making for the bake sale at my work! It cost $4.55.

I stopped at Dollar Tree to grab a snack as I hadn’t eaten much, it cost $2.65.

I went home and Jordan and I had dinner!

I got ready and headed out to the gym. I worked out for about and hour. I missed the bus home so I decided to go to McDonald’s for a late night meal! I spent $13.40.

I caught the bus home, hung out a bit and went to bed.


Today was weird! I woke up at 7am and had nowhere to be! I spent the morning chilling until I eventually took a shower.

I baked a bunch of cupcakes for the work bake sale, chocolate, “White Cake”, and rainbow chip!

It was the first time in over 2 months that I would be working a night shift. I was working 2-10.

It was my second supervisor training shift. It was a little more hands on this time. Super good shift!

On my lunch I bought Mary Browns which cost $9.80.

After finishing work I walked home, hung out with Jordan for a bit and then watched a new show on my own.

I had a tea and went to bed.


Thursday started off fairly easy. I worked an 11am – 3pm shift and came home.

Jordan and I had some pizza and a few drinks and we were on our way to the Tyler Shaw concert!

Before we went to the concert we stopped at this nice little wine bar called The Lark (If you like wine of beer, YOU SHOULD TRY THIS PLACE!).

Drinks at the Lark!

I had this awesome sour beer.

After we finished our drinks we went to the Empire Theatre for the show!

There were 3 acts, there was Craig Stickland, Neon Dreams, and Tyler Shaw of course!

Here’s some pics from the show:

Neon Dreams.
Tyler Shaw.

The show was really awesome! It was a fairly affordable night out on the town.

I spent about $40 on drinks.

After the show we were able to meet Neon Dreams and Craig Stickland.

Meeting Neon Dreams. (Yes a picture of me!)


I woke up and worked a 7am – 3pm shift. I was working food but also training for supervising again.

It was a good day at work I’d say.

When I got home Jordan was just getting home and we made breakfast for dinner!

Jordan suggested that we have my younger brother over for a sleepover!

I called my mom and about an hour later she dropped Adrian off!

Adrian and I played Beyblades for a bit while my mom and Jordan chatted.

We packed up the Bey’s and Jordan made us some hot chocolates and popped some cookies in the oven!

We turned on Halloween town and chilled for the rest of the night!


Jordan woke up and went to work. I spent a few hours in the morning with my brother watching Total Drama Island!

I then had to get ready for work. I worked a short shift 11am-3pm. It went by nice and smooth and I was able to head home right after work. Before I left I purchased a Santa Jack Skellington Funko Pop! It cost $11.85.

When I got home Jord made broccoli soup and I tossed in a pizza.

We put on Rhythm + Flow and finished the whole show! It was so good! D Smoke was the fave to win and undeniably so, he ended up coming out on top (SPOILER!).

After finishing the series, Jordan started cleaning up so I chipped in with a bit on the chores.


Today is a lazy day… but we need groceries and we need to do a little laundry.

I got out of bed a bit before Jordan so I watched the newest episode of The Flash.

I cleaned some dishes and made breakfast for us.

We chilled and ate and then it was time to get ready for a grocery trip.

Jordan wasn’t feeling well so I grabbed a bag, my backpack and the trolley cart we have and I was on my way for a solo grocery shop.

It was probably the grossest day, weather-wise we’ve had here in a long time, whipping winds and torrential downpours.

Bus thankfully I didn’t have to be outside for too long. The shop didn’t take long either as Jordan so thoughtfully concocted a list for us.

Only issue I had was when I was all finished the bus wasn’t coming for about 30 minutes so I bought a nice warm coffee and stood waiting for the bus. The coffee cost $2.

When I got home we put the food away and we started making dinner. We turned on Lucifer while we ate our nachos and later went to bed.


All in all, I believe this week was a positive one. I under spent and I’m on track to save about $7500 by years end.

Jordan and I also had a good conversation about how much we actually need a car and have decided that it’s honestly better if we rent a car for the holidays and wait on buying a car. Our hopes are to save as much as we can, get our school debts down and hopefully move closer to the city so that I can potentially start working in the field I went to school for.

With all that being said I totally think we are finally on a steady track and things are looking good.

Next week I will touch a bit on planning ahead and how that can help with your savings!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! Please share with friends and family and come back next time!

Here is my breakdown: