the money diet

Week 16 Update

Hello my friends, family and loyal readers. I apologize, first for the late post and I apologize second for the lack of post.

This week was one of the busiest most stressful weeks I have had in awhile. I have been mentally exhausted trying to lockdown an apartment for Jordan and I, I have been working, and I’ve been thinking about the future.

I needed to give myself the week off from journaling my everyday so that I could catch up on everything we’ve got going on. I did not want to present some mashed together after thought of a blog post even if I only have 25-75 readers weekly. I want to present a well thought out and well written post week after week.

I have been worrying more than I should and I thank Jordan for keeping me positive. I think that once the next week is over I will finally feel some relief as I will have less to worry about.

Now I want everyone to know that this is only a temporary break. But, for future posts I will be trying to navigate to a more reflective blog than stay solely numbers and rundowns.

That being said this week I spent $215.20 on an array of items, some gifts, some personal things and lots of food I’m sure.

But I have also been productive in bringing in some extra money, I’ve been selling things that I deem quality items and still very usable or collectible but I just don’t need or want it myself. So it’s not huge income but it helps and allows me to downsize before moving into our new apartment.

I really want to thank everybody who reads my blog, comments online or in person, my loyal readers from work, my family and anyone else who enjoys (hopefully) reading my updates. You are the best!

I would really like to thank my grandma for allowing us to stay here in the mean time while we got back on our feet and were able to find an apartment. We are so grateful and really excited to move forward!

Lastly I want to thank Jordan for being such an amazing partner. She moved with me to MY hometown 2 hours away from Toronto where she has lived the past 4 years and about 6 hours away from her family. I know that wasn’t an easy thing to do. I really appreciate that you trust me and are willing to take risks with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner!

Thanks for reading! I promise I will come through next week with something a little more hearty!

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