Just over a month ago my dad asked me if I wanted to go to Vegas with him. Of course I said yes!

I thought it would be a fun thing to blog about! So I’m going to take pictures and Chronicle our trip from December 13th to December 17th! Hope you enjoy!

Making our way to Oshawa

On the 12th of December I worked until 10pm. My dad picked me up and we drove straight to Oshawa! It’s about an hour and fifteen minutes.

We stayed up in a hotel for the night. Barely got any sleep but it was a much needed step as our flight was in Toronto at 9:30 the next morning!

Pearson International Airport

We rose from our slumber at 5:15am and got ready to go. We drove about 50 minutes to the Park N Fly. Essentially it’s a parking lot that you leave your car at for the duration of your trip and the company has shuttles that drive you to and from the airport. We arrived around 6:50am at the airport.

We got off and started our stuff. There are SO many steps to get through to the plane. I don’t fly often so I always forget how thorough the process is!

At about 7:55am we cleared and were at the in airport shopping mall! There are actually stores… it’s kind of ridiculous… consumerism is all around us.

We stopped at Tim Hortons for a bite to eat and then waited to board. At 9:20 ish we boarded the plane.

At 10:10am we were up in the air! After about an hour we got some snacks and were chillin’!

Dad and I Flying over Greenbay?

Landing in Vegas

After landing we took a shuttle to the hotel and got to see the strip in the daylight! Still awesome! So cool seeing desserts when you live in a snow wasteland.

On our way to the hotel!

We eventually arrived at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, wow was it ever gorgeous. Just look at these pillars!

Lobby of the Cosmopolitan

We then went up to the room which was just as nice. The view was unbelievable!

View from the Cosmopolitan

After getting ready we found this awesome place in the hotel that had sweet burgers and awesome milkshakes!

S’mores Milkshake!

After eating we went to the grocery store and decided to go walk to see some christmas lights! Check out some of the pics!

Dad & I with a Christmas Tree
The Linq Promenade
The Linq Promenade

We walked around the strip for a bit looking at shops and stuff.

And after walking back to the hotel we enjoyed the night view!

Day 2: UFC 245


We woke up got ready and decided to go to The Henry for breakfast. As you may be able to see in the image above, the food was very, very good.

Dogman, rabbitwoman riding a donkey.

After eating we had about 5 hours to kill before going to the UFC event so we walked through a bunch of hotels/casinos and checked out the architecture and some shoppes.

Inside the Luxor.

After walking around for a bit we stopped at the MnM’s store and went back to the hotel before the fights.

When we arrived we went straight to the UFC pop up shop and each got a shirt! We found our seats and enjoyed the 8 hours of octagon action.

A lot of the fights were very entertaining. There were two very good title defenses and a strong showing by Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski to strip Max “Blessed” Holloway of the Featherweight title.

I was also VERY happy that Kamaru Usman TKO’d Colby Covington. Covington is a symbol of what is wrong with the US Nation. He is a symbol of hate and has been sensationalized as some sort of hero.

I’m chalking this up as a win for all people, whether or not you enjoy MMA, this was a win for the good guys.

Here is our view of the octagon:

That’s my dads head.

After the fights we made our way back to the hotel flipped on Sportcentre and then went to bed.

T-Mobile Part 2

We woke up this morning and went to Le Village Buffet at the Paris hotel. The food was pretty good and filled us up!

Afterwards we went for a saunter through the Bellagio.

Chandelier at Bellagio
Coca-Cola Bear flower bed
Chocolate Fountain

After looking at some of the Bellagio’s features we walked back to the hotel to drop some stuff off.

We left shortly after and grabbed some gelato before heading to T-Mobile Arena.

Raspberry Truffle Gelato

After eating our gelato we walked over to T-Mobile Arena and got ready to watch the Golden Knights take on the Vancouver Canucks!

It was an enjoyable game from start to finish. The Knights won and two of my fantasy team players scored!

Outside T-Mobile Arena after the Knights Win

After the game we walked around to find a place to eat.

Fountains on Las Vegas Blvd.

We went to a restaurant called Dick’s Last Resort. It was amusing and rude. It was a fun experience being treated poorly while receiving good customer service. If you’re 21 or older and travel to Vegas, I highly suggest taking yourself to Dick’s.

A Grand Adventure

My dad and I woke up and started our wak to the Treasure Island Hotel.

Strip at 7am

We went to pick up a rental car!

Here are some pictures from the drive!

Once we arrived at our destination we got onto a shuttle bus and headed to our first stop.

AND this is when I told my dad I was mad at myself for not bringing my DSLR Camera. I could have gotten some really nice shots. In my defense I had no idea we’d be going here. But still…

Enjoy my cell phone photography!

These are just a few shots I took! I’m hoping to edit some and throw an album up here on the website in the coming weeks.

After we soaked in the glory of the Grand Canyon we drove back to Vegas.

We dropped off the car and walked back to the hotel.

Donuts from a restaurant in the Cosmopolitan.

The Day We Left Vegas

We went for breakfast at The Wicked Spoon before heading to the airport for our flight back to Toronto.

This is the 3rd time I have visited Las Vegas.

The first time I was 16, I went with my dad, it was a christmas gift to me and I didn’t have a clue about what this crazy world was all about. It was fun but I think because of my age I couldn’t fully appreciate exactly what was happening.

The second time was for my 21st birthday. I went with my step mom, my dad and one of my really great friends Max. It was an awesome time because I was able to have a great time with both family and one of my really great friends.

This time I’m 23, so much more mature than the past 2 times I visited and I feel as though I was able to digest everything much easier, process and accept what was going on and appreciate it.

I am definitely grateful for the things I have been able to do and see. I 100% understand my privilege and I do my best not the take it for granted.

I hope you enjoyed reading and viewing!