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The Struggle is REAL.

So packing boxes seems like a super easy thing to do, but it is so much deeper than throwing your belongings into a cardboard cube.

Everything I take off a shelf or out of the closet has a different memory, meaning, or feeling attached to it.

Jordan and I have been living in a pretty fair sized arrangement for the past 5 or 6 months and now we are moving to a space that is a bit smaller. So, we decided (almost reluctantly) that it was time to start going through and downsizing where appropriate.

So I pick up my plaid “country” button up shirt and thought to myself, “When was the last time I wore this shirt?” while simultaneously thinking “Remember all the good times that were had in this shirt? Plus it was like a $100 shirt and I… mom only paid like $25, what a steal!”

The voices battle over whether to keep the shirt or not, and throughout the years my heart has always kept that shirt no matter how much I wear it, if I even wear it at all. But this time it was different. I still had the same thoughts but my hands directed my shirt to a pile, a pile that would eventually make it’s way to a new home. Whether that home is to a younger family member, or friend, or even the Salvation Army so someone can love the shirt like I did. Nevertheless it was gone.

I don’t feel sad that I have let go of my shirt, because it has helped me come to grips with the fact that you can’t keep everything forever. You can’t stay the same forever, we all grow and change and that is not a bad thing. I am reaching a point in my life where I don’t need that “country” shirt just incase we go to The Rockin’ Horse Saloon. I am at a point in my life where my passions and the people that I surround myself with, near and far have become more important than anything else.

I enjoy being around friends and family and sure I would still enjoy going to the odd country bar but I’ve reached a new stage in my life where I want to move forward and progress into the person I want to be for the rest of my life. Maybe that sounds kinda deep and maybe a bit annoying but I am truly happy underneath all of the anxiety and spurts of depression I have faced and continue to conquer. I wouldn’t change the path I am on because I know that I will eventually end up exactly where I was meant to be as long as I put my best foot forward to ensure I get there.

Bringing this back to the money aspect of my blog. I want all of my new and consistent readers to know that just because I started a blog about money that does not mean I regard money as the almighty dollar. I actually don’t care all that much for the idea of money being a blockade to people achieving their goals.

I just understand the importance of money in our society and how it is mandatory in advancing your life, career, and much more. This is why I started The Money Diet, I don’t want money to control me, I want to control how I spend my money and how I live my life.

This is why I practice not stressing about money. What I do is: I write down everything that is stressing me out and it’s dollar value, then write down how much money I’m guaranteed to make and then sometimes even add a column of potential extra incomes. If that guaranteed value is higher than the stress value I scrap that paper and don’t worry about it. If you have enough to live and you know in your heart that you are trying and you want to move forward, you will be okay and you will move forward.

I leave you here with a picture of someone else’s plaid “country” shirt.

the money diet

Week 14

Wow week 14 already. It’s been a ride and week 13 really hit me hard as I was buying Christmas gifts and I treated myself to little something.

I’m trying my best to keep my spirits up in the midst of the seasons transitioning (were going into winter) or I could say “winter is coming” (referencing a show in which I’ve fallen asleep halfway through the first episode 3 times and never been able to successfully start).

I’m trying to get myself into new routines like taking vitamins and going to sleep on time and doing things that make me happy.

I’ve found the early results are pretty good so I’m going to keep up and maybe I can get through the winter season without suffering from mad seasonal depression like the past 5-8 years.

Now to the blog!


Monday started off well. I worked at 7:30am to 3:30pm, spent $5 on some coffee. While I was at work I ripped my pants.

So I had to rollllllll on over to the mall and buy new pants.

While I was there I was taking pics of things I may want for Christmas (yes I do love getting gifts, but I love giving them more).

I ended up spending $134.60 at the mall. YIKES!

I came home and had dinner with Jordan. We hung out for a bit, Jordan went to bed and I played 2k for a bit.


I woke up in the morning and attempted to do things but kinda just chilled.

I worked from 10am – 5pm. It was a meh kinda day.

I ended up going the whole day without spending money.

I went to my moms for bit to hangout and chat about this weekends plans.

My mom dropped me off and I hung out with Jord, we had latte and watched some Lucifer before going to bed.


I woke up and chilled for a bit, made myself a lunch, played some 2k.

I didn’t have to be at work until 11:30. So I got ready to go and was on my way.

I got halfway there and realized I forgot my lunch. So I had to spend $6.95 on lunch.

When I got off work at 6:30 Jordan met up with me and we bought some groceries and a few Christmas gifts, it cost $52.30.

We packed our bags and ventured home.

We put all the groceries away and turned on some Lucifer. We mucked half a bag on Jalepeno Cheddar popcorn.

Jord had to work early in the morning so she went to bed. I stayed up and played 2k for about and hour and a half and then called it a night.


Ah Thursday, I don’t work until 2pm today. I have a couple things on my list and I need to get them done.

I have to:

  • Bake cupcakes for Jordan
  • Go return a Christmas gift.
  • Practice Guitar
  • Workout
  • Shower and get ready for work

I’m up and at it at 9am. That gives me like about 4 hours to get all of this done. Worst comes to worst I can always return the gift on the weekend.

PS she snowing good out there today!

I successfully finished everything except returning the Christmas gift! Not bad!

I went to work for 2pm and worked until 10pm. It was a good shift. I was training for supervising on the night shift and I did most of it on my own. I felt pretty good about it.

When I arrived home I realized I took home the keys for the office and would have to wake up early to return them.

I talked with Jordan for awhile and then we went to bed.


I woke up at 7am and had to quickly get ready to take the keys into work!

I had a nice walk, it was crisp and cool out and woke me up quite well.

I dropped the keys off much to the relief of my coworker who was opening the store.

I came home had some breakfast and got ready for work.

I left around 8:45am and when I got to work I realized I had forgotten my coffee on the counter.

Luckily when my buddy Zack showed up he gave me a Tim’s Double Double! It powered me through the next few hours of my shift!

I purchased chocolate and some snacks on my breaks it cost $9.45.

I clocked out and hopped in my moms car. We went to pick up Jordan to drop her off at her bus.

We drove her and when we got there the bus was FULL and the next bus would come in like 20 minutes. So Jord told us to leave because she didn’t want us to wait. She called me and said the bus was going to be like an hour late. So I told her I would grab her headphones (which she had forgotten at home) and bring them to her.

I hopped in the car, got home, grabbed her headphones and zoomed to her.

Jord got in the car to warm up and we sat until her bus showed up.

I said goodbye and drove to my moms.

My mom ordered pizza for us for dinner. I chilled for a bit and watched the latest episode of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK.

After the show finished we talked with my sister Nicole who had shown up and then my mom dropped myself and Adrian off at my grandma’s.

Adrian and I played a game of NBA 2k20 and then played some overcooked.

We threw on the new Green Eggs and Ham Netflix Original and chilled until bed time.


Woke up this morning and had some breakfast with Adrian and then played some more overcooked.

We then moved on to Beyblades and after a thrilling tournament that ended in a double disqualification final (due to Adrian’s favourite Bey losing) we both got cleaned up and went on an adventure.

We walked over to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy bus tickets, I spent $44.80.

We talked to a few of my coworkers and then walked to the bus stop.

We rode the bus to the mall and hopped off. We made our way to every store that had toys and looked around.

My mom got off work as we were arriving at the mall so we met her at Toys R Us.

I spent $7.90 on a pack of Fortnite Mighty Beanz for Adrian.

We looked around a few more stores then we made our way to Popeyes Chicken and mom treated us to lunch.

Mom drove me back home and she picked up Adrian’s stuff. Shortly after my sister Nicole texted me asking if I was doing anything.

She picked me up and we headed to the mall, we made a quick stop at the pet store which cost me $71.20. We grabbed a Starbucks and walked around for awhile. I bought some gifts while I was there. The total cost was $56.30.

We drove to my moms and hung out for awhile. Nicole left and then not long after I went home with my moms car.

I got ready and went to bed! I was SO TIRED AND OVERSTUFFED WITH FOOD!


Woke up and got ready for work. I drove to Tim’s to grab a coffee for my manager Roxy and I. Cost me $10.25.

After I ate my breakfast sandwich I went to work. It was a fairly simple day at work just making sure all the bad food was out and all the new food was in.

I hopped in my moms car and raced home to get changed. I grabbed my stuff and went to pick up my mom and Adrian.

Shortly we were on our way to Kingston to visit my sister Jess. When we got there we went to this restaurant called Coco Frutti. It is delicious but man it is filling.

After lunch we dropped Jess off and we went to Costco. We navigated our way through the sea of humans and exited the store unharmed with our purchases in hand. Total spent was $70.70.

We left Kingston and went to pick Jordan up from the bus stop since she had just gotten back into town from her weekend away.

My mom drove us home and we tidied up around the house, chilled for a bit, had a grilled cheese and then went to bed.


This week did not go as planned. I had a few things come up and they boosted my spending, my cats destroyed my phone charger so I had to get a new one and that cost $70 and the cats ran out of food at the end of this week so that cost $70. I did also use my debit card all week.

So I have vowed to go to the credit union on Tuesday and pull out cash and get back on track.

Here is a look at my spending:

the money diet

A Breakdown

Hello there. It has been brought to my attention that some of the ways I’m able to save money, or some of my “benefits” have not been clearly established.

As well I have revamped my saving method slightly. So I have decided to dedicate this post to fully analyzing and breaking down my saving method so that people in different financial situations can tweak it to fit their needs.

Okay, so I will break down every perk that I recieve currently and then breakdown my personal saving method and then finally outline how someone in a different situation could utilize these tools for saving.

My Situation

I just graduated College. So naturally I owe some money – $14,000

I have credit card debt from school as well – $2000

I pay $75 a month for utilities in my current living situation.

and then I have some smaller costs (Spotify, gym membership, etc) that come out of my accounts monthly.

The Perks

So I am super lucky to have people in my life that are willing to help me out.

First and foremost, my grandma is allowing my partner and myself to live with her for a bit while we start our careers and save money. This saves us each between $500-$1000 a month. So let’s call it $750 saved. (Shoutout Grandma!)

My mother helps me out by covering certain things for me, My phone bill, and she supplies the Netflix for everyone aha (Thanks Mom!) This saves me about $100 a month.

And lastly my partner lives with me so anything that we spend money on there is a good chance we’re going halfsies on it, things such as entertainment, and groceries.

There are always other ways people help me but these are the set in stone ones.

Expected Earnings (Weekly)

  • Income #1 – $400-$500
  • Income #2 – $20-$40

Total = $420-$540

What I Do

So what I do is I go to the bank and withdraw $140 on Monday. This money is intended to last me from the start of Monday until the end of day on Sunday.

I break my money down into four $20’s, four $10’s, and four $5’s. This is likely just a personal thing but I find it helps with spending if I’m going out and don’t think I need to bring $20, I have the option to bring a $10, or a $5 instead of allowing myself to be equipped with $20 for no certain reason.

I categorize my money into 3 categories which you will have noticed in my last few posts. These categories are; Grocery ($50), Entertainment ($50), and Misc. ($40). This allows me to have an idea of how much I should be spending on certain things but also allows me to buy things I want (within reason).

Breaking it Down Differently

So the #1 thing to note when analyzing my saving method is that it is broken down into a weekly amount. So for a month you can break it down into fourths ~ because months are around 4 weeks.


First you would want to figure out what you’re saving towards , for this example I’m going to say it’s a car between $5,000 and $10,000.


Now you breakdown what your expenses are:

ExpensesCost (Monthly)
Credit Card$150
Student Loans$330
Misc (Music, Gym, etc.)$100

Total = $1530

So now you have a total for your fixed monthly expenses. Break it down to a weekly number: $1530/4 weeks ~.

Weekly Total = $383~


Say you work 2 jobs part time 20 hours per week, one at minimum of $14/hr and the other slightly higher at $15/hr. And we’ll take out a small amount for taxes and stuff.

  • Income #1 = $1050
  • Income #2 = $1100

Now add these up and divide it into a weekly number, $2150/4 weeks ~.

Weekly Total = $538~

Now comes the tricky part. You have to figure out what you have left over and decide what you’re going to spend on entertainment, grocery and have as a Misc/backup.

So we know that weekly, your income is $538 and your expenses are $383.

To figure out your leftover just take your income and subtract your expenses like so, $538-$383 = $155.

If you are a single person you should be able to get away with spending no more than $40 a week on groceries, Entertainment you can sit at $40 as well, and then your misc can be somewhere around $20. Now you have a budget of $100 per week.

When you look at it week to week $55 dollars doesn’t seem like a lot. BUT when you start to add it up you could save $2860 in just 1 year.

And this example is based on an individual who has a lot of bigger expenses when compared to their income.

If you adjust this to someone who is working one full time job at a rate of say $27/hr and you keep the expenses virtually identical this is what it could look like:

$27×37.5 hr/week = $1010~, and I’ll even take off 15% for taxes and such which will bring us to $880~.

Then we take away our $383 in expenses per week that we figured out earlier, that brings the sum to $497.

This means before you decide on your categories and allotments you have almost $500 left over per week.

Now let’s say that you are going out a little more and you’ve decided to buy cashew cheese instead of the dairy stuff. We’ll bump that spending allotment to $80 (Grocery), $80 (Entertainment), and $40 (Misc/Backup).

That is double what our last person was spending at $200 per week. Now if we subtract $200 from our leftover of $497 we are left with $297 per week, meaning you could save $15,444 in a single year.

That’s a lot of money and I think it is totally doable. I believe the keys to this method are as follows:

  • Limit Debit/Credit transactions (Use Cash)
  • Practice Will Power and Self Control
  • The Breakdown (Week by Week)
  • The Build up (Yearly Savings Potential)
  • Belief that you can do it

With all of the above said, I honestly don’t believe there is any ONE PERFECT method to saving, but in my life up to this day I have been most successful using this method.

I believe there is a clear mental similarity when it comes to budgeting and dieting. That is why I’ve called my journey The Money Diet, because I am trying to overcome my laziness, practice will power and stay on track. The biggest problem I believe people have while dieting is the constant fad approach of trying new hip diet trends and this is also very common when budgeting. Think of the “52 week budget”, 50/30/20, 80/20, the zero sum budget. I think it is more important to find a reason to save and then find a method that works for you. I’ve saved a bunch using my current method. I attribute my success with this method to the things that are motivating me, not entirely the method itself.

the money diet

Week 9 – True Redemption.

I woke up Monday at 7:30am. I had a nice breakfast and watched some Dragon’s Den as I finished last weeks blog post.

I made a list of things to do, and I set out to get them all done. (hopefully.)

I got most of it done by the end of the day!

I got home from the bank just after my partner got home from work. Soon I was making dinner. We ate and then left to catch the bus.

We went to the gym and worked some chest, triceps, and shoulders. It was a good workout!

We got home, indulged in some protein, showered and went to bed.


So big news, all of my shifts have been regulated to a single time. Instead of working 6am-2pm, and 7am-3pm on and off I will be working 7am-3pm straight through! I GET TO SLEEP IN!

Work was hecking busy, so it flew by like a plane.

When I got home I started making dinner for my partner and I. They got home about an hour after I did and we ate shortly after. I worked on some things while we watched Lucifer.

My partner and I did a workout together then got ready for bed!


Today kind of dragged on a bit… work was slow and I was tired!

I bought some lunch which cost $4.80 and some groceries after I left which cost $15.95.

My mom came into my work today and asked if I would help her pick up some couches.

So we rented a cargo van, and my partner and I picked up 2 couches and a chair for her.

The seats were for the basement of my moms house which is turning into my brother’s play area. He was super excited when we brought them home.

My mom dropped us off and to our pleasant surprise my grandma had made some tasty treats for us! We went downstairs and did some meal prepping.

We watched some Lucifer and were off to bed!


Woke up for my shift and it was fine! Everything went smooth, so no complaints.

I bought lunch at work and it cost $4.25.

My partner met me after work and I bought some groceries. The total was $16.50.

We walked home and I made dinner while my partner went out to run an errand.

When they got home we ate a “flatbread pizza” I had made.

We headed to the gym for about an hour and then we stopped by the store on our way home. I spent $20.90.

We went home and went to bed.


Work was FINE *he says as he walks to his room and slams the door*

Work was rough, for real. We had so many juice spills from faulty cases in today’s order. Everything just happened at the same time, it was a mess.

After work I got home and talked to my grandma for a bit. I then went and sat for a moment.

After sitting my partner got home and we started making dinner. I had a chicken burger and they had pasta with meatballs!

After dinner I hopped on the bus and went to the gym! It was a good work out, trying to keep at it and not lose momentum!

I caught the bus home, showered, had protein and went to bed!


I went to work for 7am. It was a busy day. I was ready for 3pm and my dad came in. I clocked out of work and talked to my dad for a bit.

He dropped me at home and I got ready to go to Oktoberfest with my partner!

It was a great time! I spent $30 on beers for the 2 of us. We ordered a pizza and ate the night away!


Since we went to bed so early we didn’t waste any of our day! We woke up around 830am and had some pancakes and then did some tasks around the apartment.

We put new screens in our windows, did some laundry, tidied under the stairs among other things! Quite successful!

My aunt and cousin came by to see my grandma so we went and said hello!

We went out to buy some fruits and vegetables from the store. I spent $25.

We came home and my partner made a delicious salad for us! We watched Lucifer than got ready for bed!

I feel good about this week! I still have money left over and I still had a fun time!

Here is a breakdown of my spending!

the money diet

Week 8 – The Bounce Back?…

Last week was a great week but unfortunately for my financials it was below average! Let’s see how this week goes!


Ah Monday, a day off. I slept in until about 11am and laid until 12n. I got up, showered, tidied a bit and then went up to see my grandma. We talked for a few hours and then all of the sudden my partner was home from work. The day is flying by!

We got to making dinner shortly and ate with my grandma, we made pasta and peas and my grandma made Pork Schnitzel and some sort of beet dish. It was all very yummy.

After dinner we all went out to pick up some things. We grabbed litter and cat food from the pet store which I spent $57 on. We went to a Walmart and picked up a few things. I spent $27 dollars there. We then went to the grocery store an my partner picked up some groceries.

My partner and I went downstairs and watched some Lucifer while I made muffins.

After my partner went to bed I worked out for about an hour, showered and went to bed!


I woke up and had breakfast with my partner before going to work for 6am.

Work was good, it flew by FAST.

I did end up buying some groceries which cost $10.60.

When I got home I began making tacos for dinner so my partner could eat before they went to work. We had tacos!

After my partner left for work I watched a buttload of Dragons Den and eventually started doing some chores.

I worked out for an hour or so, showered and went to bed.


So I have $45.40 left for Today, Tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I have faith that I can go the week without spending anymore of my budget. This is because my partner and I have already purchased a good chunk of groceries. We have the cats food for at least another month, the litter for a couple weeks and I have no real plans this week.

But I’m not going to set a goal to spend $0 because things come up because life is unpredictable.

BUT I am looking pretty good. The only thing I have to resist is the urge to spend.

Anyways, I worked my 7-3 shift and went home.

When my partner arrived home we made dinner and watched some of Lucifer.

We had planned to visit my grandparents. After missing the first 4 phone calls from my grandma I quickly called her back. They picked us up and we went over.

They decided to make dinner so we were having 2nd dinner! It was delicious but my stomach felt like it was going to burst.

It was a really great time hanging out with them. They drove us home and I got ready for bed!


Today I woke up after not getting a great sleep. I went to work and had a pretty great day all in all. On my way home I bought a bag of cheese curds for $3.25.

I came home and hung out with my partner for a bit before they went to their last shift at one of their current 3 jobs! (Talk about hard worker!)

I walked them to the bus stop and decided to hop on with them.

We got to the mall and I dropped them off and went around to a few stores.

I walked past the food court and got really hungry. I spent $12.40 on Taco Bell, instantly regretted it.

It was tasty, but it ain’t nice to my tummy, also not a necessary spend.

When I got home I did some chores around the apartment. I then worked out. After my workout I had a shower, a protein shake and hopped into bed in Hope’s of having a good sleep for my 7am tomorrow!


Woke up for work and had a great breakfast! French toast! I bought a Starbucks cold brew drink for $2.75.

Work was good, had fun changing over our sale items with my buddy Josh. I got off work and I bought a bag or Doritos for myself and a pop for Josh, it cost $3.55.

I walked home and had dinner with my partner. We watched some Lucifer, watched some hockey and then I worked out for a bit. I showered and went to bed!


I slept in! Until 5am.

I had an okay day at work. Only a bit frustrating at times.

When I finished work I felt exhausted. My partner and I decided to get fish and chips for dinner and some snacks so we could have them while we watched IT. I bought the snacks, they cost $7.20.

My partner grabbed us some wine, made us a cute little fort and we sat down and watched IT. It was the first time watching for both of us. And as a film graduate I thought it was pretty good. As a viewer, also pretty good. I loved the contrast between scenes shot in day and night or light and dark. A lot of horror movies stray from lit scenes and aim to scare you in the dark the whole time. IT had some pretty creepy day time scenes as well as some heartfelt and funny moments!

After watching an episode of Lucifer we got ready for bed.


This morning I went to Costco with my partner! It was a fun day, we spent money that we were given from my grandparents for cat sitting and then I covered the extra $13.50. We bought some groceries to cover us for awhile!

We stopped at a clothing store and I spent $5.65 on a t-shirt.

We stopped at a Tim Horton’s on the way home. It cost $19.80 for lunch.

When we got home we unpacked and I drove my mom’s car back to her. She dropped me off at the mall. I was meeting a friend.

I had made plans with my friend to go on a Funko Pop! hunt. We went to the mall and stopped by quite a few stores. He ended up buying 5 Pop!’s. I was searching for CHASE Pop!’s and I did end up finding one. Only thing was, it was the exact one I found last week! I spent $11.85 on the one and $16.95 on the other.

I almost got out of the mall without over spending… but then I saw something and I ended up buying a Christmas gift for someone, it cost me $77.65.

On the way home we stopped for a coffee, I spent $3.15 on a donut and an iced coffee.

At the end of the week I spent $132.30 over budget. (YIKES!)

This week really got me. I’m going to have to work hard the next few weeks to make that back.

Something to note for me though it that I won’t have to buy cat food next week and I likely won’t be buying a spur of the moment present. And even if I buy everything else I did I would only be sitting at $137.65.

So although I have missed the mark the last 3 weeks I believe I will get back on track next week as I have less expenses to worry about.

Here is a breakdown of my spending:

the money diet

Week 7 – Fun Fun Fun!


Well, well, well… I’m obviously a little disappointed that I failed last week BUT I’m proud of myself for going 5 whole weeks before my first failure.

This Monday I woke up and watched Netflix for 4 hours while making food and tidying a bit. I decided to go to the bank to get my money at about 1:45pm.

After getting back home my partner arrived from their new job! They seemed to be really enjoying it and that made me happy!

We had been having issues with the smoke alarm so we tried to figure out what was wrong. After awhile we came to the conclusion that it was likely just old. So we went to the store with my grandma and bought another one.

I was tasked with putting the new one in. I started working on it, and only moments later I electrocuted myself (OUCH!) then realized we needed to turn the power source off (DUH).

After finally figuring out which switch turned it off I successfully attached the alarm. Then realized that the new alarm wouldn’t screw into the old base. (Even though it was the same model!!!) So I was able to unplug the wiring from the back and screw the new base on. The alarm is up and running and hasn’t made any annoying chirping noises yet (Fingers Crossed). *Insert unexciting picture of smoke alarm below!*

New Smoke Alarm! Right on!

Shortly after, my partner and I went for a walk and then went to bed.


I woke up this morning and went to work.

It went by so fast that I hardly noticed I was there… I wasn’t feeling well on Monday as I believe I bruised my ribs while moving stuff at work last week. It still kind of hurts, hoping it subsides by weeks end.

I got off work and went home.

When my partner got home we each had a coffee and we went to catch the bus. We went to a local collectibles shop because I wanted to checkout some things.

Afterwards we hopped on another bus and went to the mall. My partner had to get some new clothes for their job and I just wanted to be out of the house and maybe browse Funkos (Too Nerdy).

My partner ended up finding some nice additions to their wardrobe and I spent $15.25 on a new Squirtle Funko Pop!.

It was getting late and we decided to treat ourselves to some take out. We got FRIED CHICKEN! It cost me $15. It was so good, but soooooooo bad.

We watched a few episodes of Lucifer and dozed off.


Wednesday started off NASTY! I had to clean these liners out from underneath our dairy section… MAN THAT WAS GROSS! after that it was a pretty relaxed day. I had to throw away some nasty garbage but other than that not bad.

After work I came home, tidied as best I could and started on dinner.

We had SLAMMIN’ SALMON! (not what the dish is actually called but I thought it was funny) It was salmon grilled with cauliflower, green pepper, grape tomatoes and lemons! It was delicious!

My partner and I went for a little walk then called it a night. Today FLEW by.


WOW, I woke up feeling good. I went to work for 6am and it was fine, right up until about noon when I started feeling sick. Stuffy nose, pounding headache and super sleepy.

I walked home and it only got worse. My nose was plugged, my throat hurt and my eyes would not stop watering!

I sucked it up and drove my partner to work, before that we stopped at the electronics store and bought a portable battery charger, it cost $39.55.

I dropped my partner off and decided to walk around the mall. I stopped in at a toy store and decided to go on a mini Funko hunt. I found my 2nd CHASE Funko Pop!, I was beyond excited as (for those of you who don’t know) CHASE variants of Funko products are versions of certain products that are produced at a much lower rate then the original variant of that product, sometimes 1-60, 1-100 but regardless it is MUCH more valuable and exciting to find. I don’t think the workers at the selling store knew much about the value of the CHASE variants so the product was even on sale!! I got it for $11.30 taxes in!

Notice how the figure is different than the picture on the front? That is essentially what a chase is. Also the sticker on the front is usually a good indicator.

I haven’t been feeling well and I was craving some bad food so I decided to get a poutine, it cost $6.95.

I drove back home and then went with my mom to her place for a visit. I hung out for awhile watching RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 2 and chatting. We waited until my partner was off work and went to go pick them up.

When we got home we had a tea and went to bed.

Total remaining at the end of the day is $51.15.


Woke up for my 7am shift feeling a little under the weather! I felt like eating bad food all day because I felt so nasty. I did buy some ice cream and a box of tea for home. It cost $7.40.

When I got home I basically slept the whole afternoon away. I felt much better afterwards!

I stayed up had dinner and watched Lucifer with my partner and went to bed shortly after.


Woke up for my 6am shift feeling pretty good!

It was a decent day at work! I got off at 2pm and booked it out of there! I ran into my partner who wanted to grab some stuff from the store I work at so we walked back and got some things.

We headed home, we got ready and my sister and her boyfriend picked us up.

We were on our way to Montreal! We got there and grabbed some dinner. Dinner cost $60. We hung out for a bit and went to bed.

Sunday (Funday)

Today started well, woke up in Quebec next to my partner and had some muffins.

We all got ready and left the Hotel.

We stopped to grab a bite to eat for breakfast and then we headed to the island for Pokemon Go! Safari Zone Montreal.

We spent 6 hours on an island playing Pokemon Go! and taking in the island itself! It was a great time, lots of walking but lots of fun!

Entrance to the Safari Zone

During the festival I spent a total of about $25 on snacks for my partner and I.

A real life Pokéstop that allowed players to charge up their devices.

After the festival we made our way to the subway, then the car and started on our way home.

We stopped for a bite to eat before we got home.

As soon as we did get home though my partner was out like a light! I stayed up for a bit to make them a lunch for work as I was off the next day!

At the end of the week I am about $50 over my budget of $140 per week. But in all honesty, I am completely okay with it, and here is why:

I got to go to a festival that was taking place in North America for the first time and maybe the last (who knows!). I got to spend the day with people I care about and do something I enjoy. So ya I spent a bit more than I wanted BUT sometimes you just gotta live and do what you want!

Here is a breakdown of my spending:

the money diet

Week 2: The Real Test

Okay, the real test begins. I did well last week, can I keep it going? Will I continue to rise or will I trip and land on my face?

Today, August 12th I was adamant on spending no money. I had so many things to do that it seemed impossible to need to spend any money.

I started my day by- you guessed it- making a list. I had lots to do, firstly I went to the post office to do some official government stuff (It’s confidential). After that I withdrew my $140 cash (4 x $20, 4 x $10, 4 x $5) and walked to my grandparents house.

I spent about 2.5 hours there. I did some yard work for them, I love working outside so I was feeling good! Had a couple diet Pepsi, it’s like 5% of the reason I go to visit (I don’t have pop at home).

At about 1:30pm my grandpa and I dropped some organic waste off at the dump. By 2:30pm I was making a late lunch and was feeling pretty good about my day.

But at around 4:30pm everything went horribly wrong…


I just helped my other grandma (the one whom I live with) and my mom with some gardening. Then I got to pick my little brother up from daycare! I did however stop off at Walmart and spend $14.65 on a new shower curtain (Much needed) bringing my total for the week down to $125.35.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed, I went on a Pokémon Go hunt with my little brother (he caught some new ones!), I wrote this and went to bed! Goodnight!

August 13th

I rose from my sleeping den at 9am, fed my whiny cat children and began making pancakes!

I spent most of my morning eating and talking with my partner, who had just gotten home from work. But I did make a list, so time to get going on today’s tasks before work!

I was able to complete a few things on my list including dishes, clean the cat litter, and workout.

My partner and I watched a few episodes of our new guilty pleasure show called Strong. Essentially it’s a show geared towards people who want to be healthy and get “Strong” instead of skinny. It is thoroughly entertaining in all ways; terribly dramatic, emotional back stories, and actually cool physical challenges topped with cool and inspiring competitor transformations.

Anyways there is only 1 season so we’ll have to watch something else.

I worked from 5pm-10pm and made sure to pack a good lunch. I managed to spend no money all day. I’m holding it together well going into Wednesday!

August 14th – an adventure of a day.

My day started off a bit slow, slept in, ate some breakfast BUT, I had the day off with my partner! So we wanted to have a fun day since we hadn’t had a chance to see each other in awhile.

We decided to walk downtown to the bus station. We stopped at a nice Cafe called Focus before we caught our bus and my partner treated us to a coffee and a donut. The coffee was actually phenomenal.

We hopped on the bus and headed down to the water to grab a bite at the Incredible Fries chip truck. I wanted to pay for the meal, it was $14 for 2 hot dogs and a poutine which we shared. DELICIOUS! Oh my, chip trucks are like the perfect balance of delicious and you know your stomach is going to hate you after.

After we finished our lunch I decided to take my partner for a walk down into the Dam. It is gorgeous and quite refreshing standing next to the water on a hot day.

After we walked through the Dam we ended up walking to the mall and walked around for a bit before we had to catch the bus. I wound up buying a gift for a friend and my dad. The total of the purchase was $12.40.

After getting home we were swiftly picked up by my older sister and we all went to do some raids in Pokemon Go (It’s been established, I’m nerdy).

After a successful raid hour we ended the night off with a glass of red wine on the back deck. All in all this was quite a successful day.

At the end of the day my total is at $98.95.

August 15

I started the day off by attempting to make my own home made McGriddle style sandwich. I used ‘just add water’ PC Pancake mix, and maple syrup to make the pancake buns. Then made turkey breakfast rounds with ground turkey, oats, and maple syrup. I topped it off with aged cheddar and a single fried egg.

It didn’t taste identical, but I still think it was quite good.

I watched a bit of Ultimate Beast Master and then off to work from 1pm-9pm. Wish me luck.

Okay, it was going soooooooo well. That is until my last break. I noticed chocolate bars were on sale… 3 for $4. So I had to buy them! I also noticed this awesome style of chair that my grandma has, was on clear out for like 70% off so I snagged that up and bought an iced coffee to top it off.

So not the best day but I did decide to use some of my $20 worth of my points so I only spent $9.85.

I like to think that I have self control and will power but sometimes that’s just not true. BUT I only spent just under $10 so like, not bad.

August 16 – Party Time.

One of my good college friends invited me to come to the city for his Going Away party. I am so excited to see my friends!

I started the day off with some breakfast then at 10am my mom, my grandma and I went to pick up my friend (he needed a lift in the same direction). Once he got in the car we were on our way to the train station.

My friend and I rode the train for about an hour and then got off by his place. The train cost me $10. We stopped at a coffee shop to grab lunch. My bill was $12.60. So far spending $22.60 of the $60 I had put in my wallet and $10 of it was on my EMERGENCY credit card.

Oh boy.

I hung out at my friends place for a bit as my phone charged. After about an hour I made my trek to my other friends! It took an hour and a half! Man, I’m sick of trains and subways and buses (oh my) at this point.

Okay the night was wild. Too much to talk about but it was fun!

SO, I am super excited about the weekend because I’m heading to my parents cottage!

I decided to add the weekend to this post as my weekend got in the way of posting! (No access to internet/laptop)

So after hanging in the city I trekked back to my home town to go to the cottage! Before going to the cottage we had to make a few stops:

  • Mcdonalds (Breakfast!!) – $13.64
  • Gas Station (s) – $3.79 & $9.02
  • Pet Store (Litter)- $22.60
  • Liquor Store (Mini Keg/Vodka Sodas) – $53.60

These stops were all much needed for a few reasons, recovery, fun having, and keeping a clean litter box!

After picking up my partner from the house we made our way to the cottage. It was super fun because we had some great family and friends there.

Being out on (or by) the water is such a great way to relieve stress and have a great time. It’s so relaxing and fresh.

We went out on the tubes, the peddle boat, we played games, and we drank and talked and laughed and just had an amazing time.

By the time we got home from the cottage we were tired and ready for a nap. I had a feeling that I was going to over spend this weekend.


I did. I am a little upset, BUT I am also so not regretting any of it! I had such a great time sending my friend off for the last time in the city and an equally great time at the cottage with family and friends.

I’m not trying to make excuses for myself, but sometimes it’s okay to spend a little extra to have a great time with people you love.

I ended the week spending a total of $167.15, that is $27.15 more that I had allotted for myself for the week.

I think considering this was only my second week on the money diet and all of the things I had going on, it isn’t unreasonable that I over spent a little bit.

Let me know what you think. Thanks again for reading!